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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Just saw a couple of movies over the last two weeks. One on Shomi (which is a netflix type service) and one on blu-ray.

The first was About a Boy. I'd seen it before, but like it a lot and was in the mood for it. Out of curiosity I checked the actor who played the boy in the movie on IMDB and found out he's in the new Mad Max, and was the lead in Warm Bodies -- pretty neat! But of course About a Boy was done in 2002, so he's all grown up now -- but it's neat to see.

I first saw the movie About a Boy a year or so before the tv show came on and while the tv show was cute, it had nothing on the movie. I still feel that way upon seeing the movie again.

The other movie is only recently out on blu-ray and that was Blackhat. It wasn't quite what I was expecting but it was okay. Of course I had been told by someone that they'd tried watching it but had given up around the forty minute mark. It wasn't that it was bad so much as not quite what I was expecting. Also it could have been intense and it simply wasn't.  I wonder if a part of the problem some movies are facing these days is that a lot of TV is getting more intense and can play out over a lot more than just two hours so movies have to be... well, more.

There's still a bunch of movies coming out this summer I want to see, stuff already out even, but the next one that I'm pretty sure I'll make the biggest effort to get to is Jurassic World. We shall see.

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  1. Ooh I remember About a Boy - that was a good movie, And yes, he's grown up quite nicely. LOVED him in Warm Bodies! (He's been in a few other things as well)

    Have not seen Blackhat yet - is it worth watching?

    We are going to see San Andreas this weekend...I hope it's MORE. (Although I like The Rock, so...I'm kind of going just for him :DDDD )