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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Master Takes a Name now available!

When I started writing this one, I had no idea the characters would leap to life and be so noisy, but it's always wonderful when they do. So Kyle and Master L have a warm place in my heart.

And I love how the covers in the series are all integrated.

Master Takes a Name

Kael is happy with his life. A consummate sub, he’s out, proud, and surrounded by good friends. Then he hears about Master L, a new Dom who has all the twinks aflutter. Kael’s curious, but not unduly so, until he and the stud do a scene. Then he understands the commotion. But since Master L only ever tops a sub once, when it’s over Kael is determined to forget him, even if he has to go on holiday to do it.

Liam is deep in the closet, but the Dom known as Master L also has needs. So far, he’s kept his identity a secret by never choosing the same boy twice, and frequently changing venues. After his scene with Kael, Liam finds himself fixating on the sub and willing to break his one-time only rule. But will it lead to heartache or happiness?

smutty excerpt:

L gently took his wrist, eased it behind his back, slow and careful. The man hadn’t said a word, but it was clear L wanted him to trust that he wouldn’t fall, wouldn’t be dropped. Kael forced himself to relax, to prove that he could submit.

L bent him back farther, but the arms around him were solid, steady. His heartbeat sped, but he didn’t tense, he flowed. The kissing went on, L proving it was more than just a peck for show. This was a kiss with intent, not a game. L stole his breath, made him dizzy.

When their lips finally parted, L stared into his eyes, into him. He wasn’t sure how L wanted him to respond, so he waited.

L finally smiled and brought him back up to his feet, steadying him. “You have a calmness. A center.”

“I do. I have been finding my center for a long time.”

“Excellent. I might get a work out to actually push you.”

“We can try.” Man, this guy seemed so sad, somehow.

“That’s the idea, hmm?” L grabbed his hand and led him deeper into the room. In the center of it there was a leather covered bench, the padding soft, comfortable.

L began to undo the buttons on his shirt. “I’m going to strip you. Then I might put a ring on your cock and fill your ass with a plug. Or I might bend you over the bench and redden your ass. Or possibly whip your lovely back and put my marks on you.”

Promises, promises. “Yes, Sir.”

L got all his buttons undone, then pushed the shirt from his shoulders. The movements were slow and deliberate, L’s hands warm. The touch made Kael’s skin tingle, made it sing. L hummed, gaze following the fingers on his skin. There was an intensity here, and it was growing.

L didn’t hurry to remove his slacks, to do anything more than touch his belly, his chest. A light flick of one finger touched Kael’s right nipple. He chuckled softly, the little zing tickling him.

“Sensitive?” L flicked the other one.

“Mmmhmm. I don’t mind nipple play.”

L chuckled. “That’s a ringing endorsement.”

He grinned. “I’ve seen guys that could come from having their tits worked. I’ve seen men that didn’t have any feeling at all. I’m somewhere in the middle.”

“I’m into stimulating every part of a man’s body.”

L dragged his hand down along Kael’s chest to his belly. His abs drew up, his nipples and balls both tightening. L traced his ab muscles, fingers exploring his six pack before moving around to his back. Stroking his spine, L slowly moved his hands up. Kael moaned, stretched against L’s hands.

“You’ve got beautiful skin.” L spread his fingers wide, covering more area.

“Thank you, Sir.” That was nice to hear.

Cupping his shoulders and leaning him back, L bent to his chest, tongue flicking back and forth across his right nipple. The sensation started as a slight buzz, but when L didn’t stop, didn’t let up, the buzz became an ache.

Drawing back a little, L blew across his nipple, the warmth disappearing immediately as Kael’s wet flesh became cold. His nipple drew up, almost painfully tight.

L didn’t go to his other nipple, instead kissing his way down along Kael’s breastbone to his abdomen. He fought to stay upright. L growled a little, strong arms not shaking or shifting at all. The sound made him shiver, though, that was for sure. L had some natural sex appeal, a natural confidence.

“Submit, boy,” L demanded.

“I am.” Wasn’t he?

L shook his head. “Trust me to keep you from falling.”

“I’m not tiny.” He wasn’t a twink.

“And I know my own strength.”

Okay. Okay, he could handle that. He wasn’t going to fall. He tried to relax.

L scraped his teeth along Kael’s belly, making his skin sing. A soft sound escaped him, hiccupped out of him. That had L humming, the sound pleased. His ass muscles jerked, his thighs tight.

L slowly kissed his way back up, stopping to lightly bite Kael’s left nipple. That was a sweet, sharp sting that disappeared almost immediately. L pulled him up, making sure he was steady on his feet before working on his belt.

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