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Friday, June 26, 2015

Two Men for Two Brothers now out!

Two Men for Two Brothers is the latest Velvet Glove book that I've re-released myself. So of course, there must be a smutty excerpt.

Two Men for Two Brothers

Can two brothers and two damaged young men find a family in each other?

Kytan and Rivan love what they have, but they know they need more. When two emotionally damaged young men find their way into Ky and Van's lives, they decide they've found the perfect family. Can they convince Hinton and Jewel they know what's best?

Originally published by Torquere Press.

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smutty excerpt:

Rivan stood and took the toothbrush from his fingers. "I'm going to kiss you now."

"Okay. Okay." He nodded, suddenly worried, heart pounding furiously.

Rivan's mouth covered his, hot and wet, tongue sliding between his lips. His lips parted, unsure whether Rivan wanted him to stand there or kiss back or what.

"Respond," murmured Rivan, licking at his lips. "Show me what you want, let me know when I do something you enjoy."

"I... Okay." This was different. Scary... Well, not scary, but unsettling, unnerving. Unprofessional.

Then Rivan was kissing him again, the man's hard cock sliding along his belly. He reached out, fingers circling Rivan's cock, starting to stroke it. That he understood.

Rivan's hand found his and took it, placed it on the man's belly instead. "We have all the time in the world. Or at least most of the next twenty-four hours, Jewel. Take your time. Explore."

"You don't want me to make you come?" His hands were curious, sliding over the wet, slick skin, rubbing.

"Eventually, Jewel. But I'm not in a rush." Rivan's hands were returning the favor, sliding over his skin, teasing his nipples and his neck.

"Oh." He arched a little, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. "I... Okay."

"Relax, Jewel, enjoy yourself." The words were murmured, Rivan's eyes closing. Rivan's hands slid over him, mapping him almost.

"I... This is so different." He stroked Rivan's belly, moving slowly upward, eyes falling closed.

"It's good, Jewel. This is what life can be like when you go beyond a quickie."

Rivan's mouth slid to his shoulder, tongue tracing the bite mark there, teeth teasing the flesh next to it, threatening.

His cock jerked and he gasped, breath coming faster. When the guy yesterday had bitten him, he hadn't even cared, but this... "I... "

"Yes, Jewel?" Rivan's fingers found his ass again, teased along the crease.

"I don't... It's not supposed to be so much. It's a job." He wasn't supposed to get hard, he was supposed to get high and get fucked and then get high again.

"Just feel, Jewel. You can worry about it tomorrow."

"Oh..." His fingers found Rivan's nipples, sliding over them, making them hard.

Rivan moaned. "That's it, Jewel." Two fingers pushed against his hole, not in, just against.

He gasped, body shivering, their bellies rubbing.

smut fixes everything

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