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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Present, with short, pg blurb

I know, I know, it's smutterday not pgday, but I wanted to share a small excerpt from The Present and there is far less smutty content than in say Rock Starts and Size Queens. So therefore, a pg excerpt. This one was originally in Bus Stories and Other Tales.

The Present

Gaston is a Lizus, but unlike the rest of his kind, he is deformed. While his race has wings, his own never grew and he only has deformed stumps. It has left him isolated and alone, with no one but the staff to keep him company as his family travels. At least until a present arrives from his father.

Could his gift, the strange Ellem, spell the end to his loneliness?

It's available at All Romance Ebooks and also at Amazon.

non smutty excerpt:

Ellem crawled up beside him on the big chair, nuzzling his hand, licking it with a warm, soft tongue. Then his pet took a few pieces of lettuce, nibbling. Gaston petted Ellem, fingers sliding over the smooth, warm skin, petting the hairless skull and down along the long spine.

In a lot of ways, Ellem was very much like a Lizus, though he didn't have the wings, or even just the wing bones like Gaston himself. And no claws, and his eyes were that strange, beautiful deep blue.

As if on cue, the mere thought of his wing bones made them ache, the constant dull throb flaring into sharp stabs.

Ellem made an odd noise -- a mixture of worried purr and curious trill -- then started rubbing one cheek along his chest, almost as if Ellem were searching for something.

Finally his pet found his aching wing bones and began rubbing them, purring softly, cheek sliding over the bumps.



The pain slowly subsided back into a dull, almost unnoticeable throb and tears began to flow down his cheeks. No one ever touched his deformity; no one ever cared to ease his pain, telling him it was all in his head, that there was no way there could be pain there.

Ellem kept purring, crawling over him to lap away his tears, then ease the other side, a warm solid weight in his arms. He finally curled up in the chair, Ellem in his lap, occasionally licking him, his own fingers slowly trailing over warm skin.

He wondered if his father had any idea, when he'd purchased Ellem, what a wonderful thing he was doing. It didn't matter; Gaston finally had a companion who seemed to accept him just as he was.

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