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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cherry Sours coming out on Wednesday!

Cherry Sours is being re-released by Resplendence on July 1! I thought I'd share a sneak peek.

Cherry Sours

Cain has had a bad, bad day. All he wants is some candy to sweeten his mood, but what he gets instead is an unexpected dinner invitation from a stranger.

Denny's fond of cherry sours, too, but he thinks Cain needs more than candy to smooth out the rough edges in his life, and he's perfectly happy to give it to him.

As Cain's insecurities vanish along with his inhibitions, the two of them discover that you can go from being strangers to being very close in no time at all.

Coming on Wednesday at Resplendence Publishing.

smutty excerpt:

Denny's hands wrapped around his arms, tugging him close to the big body again. "Is your mouth tingling, Cain?"

"Yes. I only had one."

"Oh, suck another." Denny took the bag Cain hadn't even realized he still had and popped another sour in his mouth before tossing the bag on the counter. "And suck me."

"What?" He'd never. Never. Oh. Sour.

Denny's hands slid up to his shoulders, solid, heavy, and not quite pushing him down. "I want that tingly mouth around my cock. Sucking."

"I don't. I haven't. I mean. That's not—" Fuck.

"Don't tell me you don't want to, because I can see that you do. You want to see my cock, want to taste it." Denny's hands got heavier. "A little cream before your steak, Cain. Yum."

"I don't. This isn't something I do." He'd spent his college years trying on girls and finding they didn't fit. The results were still out on the boys.

Denny chuckled. "You want it to be, though. I can see it in your eyes." Denny leaned close, breathing deeply. "I can smell it on you. Now be a good boy and get on your knees." Denny rubbed their cheeks together, pulling back to chuckle. "We'll deal with the beard later."

"What?" Beard? He let Denny ease him down, heart trip hammering. He. Oh. Christ. His cock was so hard it hurt, even if he was panicking.

"This is the easy part, Cain. You already know how to open a pair of jeans." That huge hand stroked his head, thumb sliding along his cheek, touching the corner of his mouth. Those gray eyes stared down at him, stared into him. "Go on, now. Don't make me wait."

"I'm way out of my league." Part of him wanted to run screaming. Part of him wanted…


He reached up, hands on Denny's thighs.

"Oh, I think you're doing just fine, Cain." Denny's fingers slipped between his lips, opening his mouth before sliding away again. "This mouth was made for sucking."

He couldn't help the dark flush of his cheeks, but he could stop stammering like an idiot. Couldn't he?

He took a deep breath, hands sliding to open Denny's belt. It was like one of those weird porn video setups, wasn't it?

"That's it, Cain." His cheek was stroked again. "Can't wait to see you without this beard, to really see that flush work its way over your face. You shouldn't hide behind all this hair. Not at all. Careful you don't pinch anything with the zipper—I'm not wearing any underwear."

"I like the beard." It made him look older. More serious. Less like he was lost.

Cain eased the zipper down, fingers on the inside of the material, so careful not to pinch. Not that he was worried. It was just…Yeah.

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  1. This is so weird I just started to read this earlier today!!!

  2. OOoh YAY congrats on the release :D