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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Six Things on Sunday

Figured I'd do a random Six Things on Sunday today.

  1. So many stories, so little time. If anyone would like to find me another six or so hours a day where I don't need to sleep, that would rock. I'm going to have to live forever to write all the things I want to. 
  2. I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. I kind of still do. 
  3. Marked is being re-released by Resplendence on Wednesday. Go wolf shifters!
  4. Lots of good new TV starting for the summer season. Loved the first episode of Dark Matter, and Killjoys starts on Friday next week. Under the Dome will be back. There's something new at the end of the month called Zoo, Hannibal is back, and it's lead-in Aquarius is interesting.
  5. I'm wishing it was fall again -- I'm already dragging along thinking it's too hot. I'd be good if it was still getting cold at night, but it isn't.
  6. Trying to decide what I want to read next. An erotic romance? Some sci-fi? A mystery?So many choices both electronically or on paper...
I hope everyone had a great weekend and is geared up for Monday!

smut fixes everything\


  1. Have a great rest of your weekend

  2. ARGH i need more time as well /o\

    Awww I never wanted to be an astronaut - I think I saw Spacecamp at a young enough age along with The Right Stuff and realized realistically what it took and was like NOPE.

    We enjoyed Dark Matter too! Definitely looking forward to Killjoys...

    aRGH it is SO HOT - we've had 90 degree weather almost every day.

    Have a great week!