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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Bohemians now out!

The Bohemians is the last of the reprints from the Bus Stories and Other Tales anthology that Torquere will be re-releasing. There's a couple other fairly short stories that were in it, and I may self-publish those, but this is the last of the longer pieces.

The Bohemians

Topaz is a free-spirit, loving easily, though searching for his true soul-mate. As soon as he meets Quincy, he realizes this is the man who has been calling for him in his dreams and he offers his whole self, body, heart, mind and soul, without thought.

Quincy gives away his heart too easily, and has been hurt in love more than once. Still, that doesn’t stop him from falling head over heels for Topaz when he first meets the man.

It seems like a match made in heaven, but Topaz lives with two men who are his best friends, and also his lovers. Will Quincy ever be able to understand that Topaz has more than enough love in his heart for his best friends and his soul-mate, or will Topaz’s bohemian ways be too much for Quincy to understand?

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smutty excerpt:

Topaz had shown Quincy the loom, the wall hangings. He'd shown off the yarn room and the little niche where Moira and her kittens slept. He'd shown the long circular stairway leading up into his bower.

His room was a riot of blues and greens, a nest, really. The bed took up three-quarters of the room, piled high with blankets and pillows, surrounded by a hand-woven green netting, dried herbs woven into the cloth.

His clothes and books were kept in handmade baskets, strewn over the floor. The effect was peaceful, oceanic and quiet. Beautiful. His.

Almost as beautiful as those sweet eyes.

"This is my room, Gemini."

"Wow, it certainly is different -- colorful." Quincy wandered around, glancing into the baskets.

"It's a good place." He relaxed against the doorframe, watching Quincy look. The baskets on the walls held crystals and herbs, CDs and candles, little pieces of pottery and his pincushion collection.
Quincy turned to him and smiled. "It suits you."

"Is that a good thing?" He smiled back, moving toward Quincy. "Can I have my kiss now?" He'd been very patient and very good and he was very tired of waiting.

"Only if it can be more than just a kiss." Quincy's eyes were dark, lids heavy.

"As much as you want, Gemini. I want you." Topaz moved into Quincy's arms, lifting up for a kiss.

Quincy's hand slid along his cheek into his hair, mouth lowering slowly, as if his Gemini were savoring the moments leading to their first real kiss. Finally their lips were together, Quincy's mouth pressing and warm. The softest sound left him, happiness flooding him in a warm, sweet wave. Oh. Oh, sweet heaven. Was this what they felt, Ku and Daisy? Quincy moaned, hands wrapping around his arms and pulling him closer. A warm tongue parted his lips, Quincy pressing into his mouth.

He pushed against Quincy's body, lips parting to give Quincy a taste. Strawberries. Quincy tasted sweet and tart and just like strawberries.

"Oh God, Topaz... you taste..." Quincy whimpered and pulled him closer still, the long body warm and welcoming. Quincy was warm and soft, hair tickling his fingers. They shared another kiss, this time Topaz got to explore, finding that those white-white bottom teeth only looked perfect, one tilted just enough to be fascinating. He could feel Quincy's need blazing against his belly, felt the little whimpers before he heard them.

"Bed?" Topaz reached out, pulled the netting aside. He'd have asked something more sensible, but he just... couldn't.

"I don't... I didn't bring anything with me."

"I have some." He smiled at Quincy, loving those eyes. "No stress, Gemini. I just want to keep kissing you and you make my knees jiggly."

"Oh... I want more than kissing Topaz, I just didn't want to start something we couldn't finish." Quincy was breathless and flushed. "Kissing you makes me... not jiggly."

Oh. Oh, good. He laughed, crawling back into his nest and drawing Quincy into the silken softness. "I want you. I want to know everything about you."

"I'm yours," whispered Quincy. "Do with me as you will."

"I just want to know you in my soul, Gemini." Topaz moved into Quincy's arms, lips parting as their mouths met again. When Quincy deepened the kiss, he caught that hot tongue, sucking in counterpoint to the beating of their hearts.

Quincy's fingers moved to the buttons on his shirt, slowly undoing them, oh so slowly undoing them.

He moaned into Quincy's mouth, shivers rocking his body. He was hard and fluid all at once. Lost and focused. Needing and wanting. Magic.

At last Quincy pulled his shirt off, fingers beginning to explore, warm on his skin, leaving tingles wherever they touched.

When Quincy found the scar -- long and wide, running from his lower back, around his side and up to his rib cage -- those fingers traced it, following its path.

"What happened?" whispered Quincy, fingers so gentle.

"My kidney was malformed, rotten. That's why I'm so short." He smiled, pressing Quincy's hand over the spot. "It kept getting infected, so they took it out."

"So you only have one. Is that dangerous?" Quincy asked, lips sliding over his face.

"It's in good condition. I don't drink anything but juice, tea and water, stay healthy." He pulled back, letting Quincy see the design that was inked over the scar.

"Oh!" Quincy gasped, fingers tracing the tattoo now. "It's beautiful. It suits you."

"Oh..." He smiled, undulating under the touches. "Thank you. Oh... oh Quincy. That feels so good."

Quincy bent, tongue licking at the corner of his tattoo. He arched, a soft cry pushing out of his mouth. "Oh... Oh, so... so good."

He was pushed down onto his back, Quincy's mouth moving over his skin.

His toes curled, sensation shaking him. "Gemini. Your mouth. Your sweet mouth." He was babbling, pleasure too big for silence.

Quincy murmured against his skin, tongue licking, tracing the line of his scar.

Topaz was gasping, body thrumming for Quincy. No one had done this, no one ever touched it but Stephan and Leo. No one made it sexy.

"It's beautiful," Quincy told him. "You're beautiful. Taste good -- like a banana split." Quincy looked up at him, the blue eyes dark and happy.

"You taste like strawberries. Addictive." He reached for Quincy's shirt. "Let me see you?"

Quincy shivered and nodded.

smut fixes everything

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