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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Smutterday! Rock Stars and Size Queens

Today I have a smutty excerpt of Rock Stars and Size Queens for you!

Rock Stars and Size Queens finds famed singer Angel at the end of his rope. Manager Jax has brought him to the Glove, sedated and undercover, for some rest and a little therapy that only the Glove can provide. Jax hires Dom Roland to take Angel under his wing, then Jax dallies with Minuet, one of the club's best subs, and a bit of a size queen.

Can these four men find what they need?

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smutty excerpt:

"I desire you, Minuet."

He wrapped his hand around Mr. Jax's prick and began to work it into hardness. "How do you desire me, sir?"

"Tug me off, lovely. Kiss me. Make me feel good."

"Yes, sir." He leaned forward, groaning against Mr. Jax's lips as the plug shifted heavily.

His hand worked the hardening cock, thumb sliding across the slit and around the head, searching for what Mr. Jax liked.

Those legs slid around him, cradled him, a low moan pressing into his lips. "Lovely. More."

He reached with his other hand, finding Mr. Jax's balls. Soft, silky, lovely, he fondled them as he pressed his thumb into the slit at the tip of Mr. Jax's cock.

"Yes, sir," he murmured, the words as natural as breathing to him.

His lips were taken in a long, slow kiss, the broad body undulating beneath him. As he'd not been given permission, he tried hard not to become aroused, but it was not easy, Mr. Jax was sexy, felt and smelled so good.

One of Mr. Jax's hands wrapped around his prick, moving easily. "All of you, lovely. Don't hide anything from me."

"Oh!" He gasped, pushing into Mr. Jax's hold. "Thank you, sir."

Moving, stroking, kissing, he lost himself in these things, in making Mr. Jax get lost in them, too.   The heat of the water rose, scented and good, adding to the experience.

"Mmm... Yes. Yes, lovely. So very good." That voice got lower and deeper and darker, body rippling.

Oh, how lovely. Some men were ugly in this act, Mr. Jax most definitely was not. Minuet redoubled his efforts, wishing only to bring his new master pleasure. Mr. Jax brought them together, their hands twining together on their cocks, moving in time. He copied the movements with their tongues, sliding them against one another. Moans pushed into his lips, sweet and low, encouraging him to give more.

He began to move against Mr. Jax, driving their bodies together.

"Yes." Mr. Jax arched, then rolled them, body sliding down against him, hips jerking.

The water splashed, sliding against the edges of the tub and his skin, making him cry out as he arched up against Mr. Jax.

"Come with me." The words were low, growled, hungry.

"Yes, sir." The words were whispered as his back bowed, seed pouring from him, his ass clenching hard around the plug. An answering heat splashed over his belly, Jax's cry fierce.

He lay back against the tub, water warm and gently moving against him as he cradled Mr. Jax. He moaned softly, happily, hands sliding on Mr. Jax's skin. Mr. Jax was heavy, breath slowing, eyes closed.

smut fixes everything

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