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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Book News

Lots of book news to share!

I shall continue to self-publish the Velvet Glove books and some of my other backlist books over the summer, but in addition to that, there's a lot of new stuff coming out as well. Gosh, no wonder I've felt like I've been so busy in 2015...

The next Briar Rose is coming out in July! This one is called Blended Family and features two couples where the subs have been best friends forever and they want to become a foursome. At least that's the plan and they figure better to do that somewhere neutral so they can back out if it all goes wrong. Look for this one in July from Torquere Press.

The next Beer & Clay (Brewing) will be available for pre-order in August (early download at Totally Bound in September and at the distributors in October). This one will feature Peter and Christian in their own scenes, as well as Damon and Toby.

I have just turned in SWAK: Bondage and it's expected to come out August 19. This one is very hot, if I do say so myself.

I wrote a longer fantasy novella called Healing Fire featuring dragon shifters. All Romance Ebooks is publishing this one and if all goes well it should be out in early August.

I've signed contracts for a number of my now out of print books with Dreamspinner and the first of these - First Steps will be out in September/October. I've already finished the first round of edits on it and I'm excited about it re-releasing. It has been out of print for a while and it's one of the first books I did featuring kids.

Speaking of Dreamspinner, I just signed a contract for the first book in a new series with them - the series is called Iron Eagle Gym and the first book is The New Boy. It'll be out probably sometime in December or January, depending on how editing goes. I'm already well into book two.

I'm working on a novel to self-publish that involves a threesome, and I just started a new series that is going to be a ton of kinky fun, that I think I might self-publish as well. The new series is running hot at the moment and it's hard to hold back and work on the things that have deadlines...

Trig's story will be on my writing table soon as well, and Rook, Knight and Bishop are going to be having their how we all met story coming soon - a Chess pre-quel. I know who the players are in the next Underground book, and I have several new ideas I want to get moving on, too.

All in all, the men in my head are keeping me busy busy busy and I honestly could use some more hours in my day. Like really, really.

But now, I am going to go and do something that doesn't involve a screen, but quite possibly does involve the imbibing of liquid of the alcoholic variety ;)

Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. After all that news ... sounds to me like your Muse needs a Bacchus celebration! Commence!

  2. I'm totally doing the happy dance now!!! And you have more than earned a drink or eight! 😉 Thank you!

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! your muse is on overdrive LOL. Good for you and your Muse!!! Congrats on all your upcoming stuff, I'm looking forward to reading it <3333

  4. Wow, so many books!!! *happy dance*
    I absolutely love First Steps, I'm just re-reading it again. I absolutely adore Chad, Peter and the twins :)