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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

 Last week I did fiction shows, so I thought this week I'd do reality shows. Top Ten Reality Shows I have recently watched. Again, these are in no particular order.

Top Ten Reality Shows

  1. The Big Flower Fight - like the Great British Baking Show, this takes place in England, in a tent. It involves teams who create all sorts of different topiaries and things using flowers/trees/etc. It was suprisingly charming.
  2. Blown Away - a competition for glassblowers. It was amazing to see the different things these people could make out of glass. I have taken a few beginner classes where you make a single thing - very basic stuff, so I knew how damn hard all this stuff was. 
  3. The Circle - This one is a social media experiment, where they take nine different people, put them in individual apartments in a building and let them communicate only by social media. Some put themselves out there for real, others are catfishing, and they vote people out and eventually vote for a winner. I wasn't sure what I expected, but I did think it would be fairly... nasty? but it was surprisingly interesting and even the folks who were pretending to be people they weren't were interesting and not scummy. 
  4. The Floor is Lava - I remember my kids playing this game when they were little - jumping from piece of furniture to furniture because 'the floor was lava'. It works pretty well as a game show.
  5. Nailed It - I watch this in fits and starts and there's almost always new episodes I haven't seen when I feel like watching it again. The baked results are usually hilarious and the host manages to make everything funnier.
  6.  Big Brother - I still find this show fascinating and was pleased there was a new season. It totally makes sense that you can do it if you isolate everyone for two weeks first and test them multiple times. 
  7. Ru Paul's Drag Race - I'd never watched it before so I've mainlined all 11 seasons. 
  8. Tough as Nails - A competition for blue collar workers to see who is toughest. The guy I was rooting for won, which is always nice. But my favorite to watch was an older woman who lasted well into the middle of the competition. She was defintely tough as nails.
  9. The Amazing Race - it's back for another season - they  obviously made this one last year and once Covid hit decided to wati to air it until this fall when they knew they might have a lack of new shows to air.
  10. Halloween Baking Championship - I like most of the food network cooking competitions, but this one is on currently so it's why it's the one listed. 

I like watching the reality shows especially when I need something that doesn't take a lot of concentration and isn't intense. Like after watching an episode of Bly Manor - one of the above shows will immediately take the creeps out of me. Also, a lot of them are fascinating studies in human behavior.

Have a great Tuesday!


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