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Saturday, November 21, 2020


 Here's a smutty excerpt of Taking the Knot!

Taking the Knot

Can a very human man find satisfaction with a demon?

Matt is a big guy, tall, broad and muscular; he’s a man you assume is a top. Matt has desires, though, needs that he keeps hidden until the day when he sees his friend Don naked in the gym’s changing room. Don’s a big guy like him, and he’s wearing some very sexy, very intimate jewelry in places Matt has never even imagined possible and he’s… intrigued. 

Don invites Matt to the club where he met his Master and while Matt can’t quite believe he’s doing it, he goes along. When he arrives at the club, it’s one surprise after another, but the enormous man he meets there, who just might be more than human, gives Matt more than he’s ever dreamed of, or admitted to wanting. 

Blaze has been searching for his one special human, the one who can be his partner and return to the underworld with him. When he sees Matt, he recognizes the stud immediately for the one he’s been waiting for. Now he just needs to convince Matt.

Will Matt and Blaze find happiness together being their true selves? Find out in this intense, hot as the hinges of hell romp.

Taking the Knot is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Smutty Excerpt:

He leans over me and grinds his massive girth into me. “You want me and you know it. As I said, you suck me off, and I’ll make sure you come too. In fact, I’m betting you come from sucking me off.” He laughs softly, the sound wicked. “If you do, I’ll keep you.”

Keep me? What the fuck does that mean? I’m not sure I like the sound of that. But he pulls away his meager covering, and the club at his middle comes pushing out toward me. My mouth waters.

Now, every man likes to get sucked, but not every guy likes sucking. Too bad for them, I say, because if you like giving as much as you like getting, you’re going to be happy no matter who’s got whose mouth around whose cock.

I like sucking—in fact I love sucking—and this monster in front of me looks like the most delicious challenge.

“Oh, you are a little cockslut, aren’t you? That will make things so much easier.”

A shiver goes through me at the word cockslut. Some might see it as an insult, but I don’t. It’s exactly what I am when I’m in the mood to suck.

“Bring that up here,” I tell him in a moment of bravado.

“Good boy.” He crawls up my body, the tip surprisingly sharp, the slit wet. I open up, the touch making my eyes go wide. Tingles. He must have put something on his prick. “Don’t stop now.”

He rises up on his knees and uses a hand to slide his cock along my lips, coating them, and they immediately begin tingling. It’s like sparkles inside my skin.

Fuck yes.

I close my eyes and go to town, my head bobbing, the corners of my mouth stretching wide. It’s going to take me a while to get this whole thing in my mouth—I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to, but I sure as hell am going to try.

I grab the base of his cock, pulling off in shock at what I feel. There’s a…a…swelling? A knot?

“Shh. Suck. Suck, boy. You want it.”

He’s right—I do. I guess if he’s not worried about it, I don’t have to be. I tongue his slit, and he groans for me, jerking to push the head in a little deeper. I love that I’ve affected him, and it encourages me to keep going, to show him what I can do. I slap the shaft with my tongue, working the ridges, swallowing as pre-come splashes in my mouth.

It tingles all the way down, like it’s carbonated, only better.

God, what does he slick on his prick?

I pull back, focusing on the head alone, pulling hard and fast. More drops slide from it, and each one is like the last, only stronger tasting, with even more tingles. I could learn to crave this sensation.

My cock begins to leak, to drip in my jeans. Fuck. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on from sucking dick.

I roll my tongue around his head, feeling all the little bumps and ridges, loving how they feel. I reach down and feel that knot again, fascinated by how it fills my hands.

I’m too close to actually see it, so I try to imagine what it looks like based on what I feel. It’s a knot of some sort—it has to be, even though that makes no sense. It’s sensitive, though. He moans and more drops of pre-come fall on my tongue every time I touch it, so I start squeezing and rolling it with my fingers, letting myself imagine it in my hole.

I shudder as I imagine him going in all the way, then sinking that much deeper as he pushes this knot in, stretching the entrance of my hole so fucking wide.

Whimpering, I suck harder.

I want to jack myself off, but my fingers are fascinated by the heavy bulge, the response when I squeeze it. He begins to rock but keeps it fairly gentle—I think because he’s enjoying what I’m doing to that knot. Still, I love being forced to take more in and sucking hard to try to keep it in when he rocks back out again.


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