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Monday, November 21, 2016

My God It's Monday

Time is definitely zooming by, like seriously eek. It goes fast the rest of the year too, but it always speeds up when I'm on holiday - having such a good time I don't notice the passage of time, I guess. And I know I'm repeating myself, but it's seriously crazy how fast it is going that it bears repeating.

It's rainy, but still warmish here. Back home it is hovering around freezing and snowing slowly. I wonder if it'll warm back up or if the snow will stick around until I get home. I do love the snow, so I'd like it to still be there. Or at least to start falling again once I land.

The mountains are beautiful here. So large and stark, like these huge reminders of just how small and impermanent we are. Especially when compared to nature.

The landscape here is so different compared to home. Even when we were in near drought conditions over the summer and the grass had all gone brown, there were lots of tress and flowers - it was still quite green. And now that it's late fall, before the snow comes, the grass is still green as well. Here it's much more shades of brown, beige and tan as it's desert. The world really is a fascinating place.

I am going to try to squeeze in the last few blogposts for The Closet Boy before it's time to shop for Thanksgiving.

Happy Monday to all!

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  1. It really sounds lovely there! I'm sure you're having a great time. Take lots of pics!