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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Throwback Thursday

It's been a year and three quarters since I put up my first self-pubbed title. At that time it was just to get a few of my by then out of print titles back up and available. But then I suddenly had all the rights back to all my books from two different publishers and I'm so glad I already had the self-pubbing going and had contacts for covers and editing and file formatting, etc.

I'm still just with Amazon and All Romance Ebooks for self-pubbing. Not all distributors work with Canada.

So the very first book I self-pubbed was one from way back, called Caged. The excerpt is smutty!

Palin leads a well-ordered life, needing peace and quiet after spending his days working as an information broker, reading minds for money. Which is why Tigre seems like such a strange choice for him as a lover.

When Palin sees vala Tigre in one of his mindreading forays, he knows he has to have him, despite the fact that the man has been created for two purposes; fighting and pleasure. Together they build a new life, one of pleasure and pain, of love and discipline. When life threatens to tear them apart, they fight to keep the home they’ve created, even if the obstacles they must overcome are within as much as without.

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All Romance Ebooks

Smutty Excerpt:

The Eiba smiled and tilted his head up. "K-kiss m-me, Tigre."

"Yes, Eiba." He leaned down, brushed his lips against the Eiba's, moaning softly.

"Oh. Y-yes, Tigre. M-more." The Eiba's mouth opened slightly, the breath that warmed his own lips was sweet.

He was very careful, gentle, touching the inside of the Eiba's mouth with his tongue. The Eiba whimpered, melted against him. He wasn't sure what to do, so he simply held, pretended they were in the bath and that this was easy.

The Eiba's tongue came out and met his, soft and gentle, warm. It made him shiver, but he opened, gave the Eiba his mouth, his heat. The Eiba moaned and he could feel the heat of the Eiba's need grow and press against his thigh through the pants the Eiba wore.

It was his purpose. To fight. To fuck. To be for an Eiba. His goal.

"Und-dress m-me," murmured the Eiba, eyes looking up at him from behind the Eiba's windows.

"Yes, Eiba." The shirt was soft, silky. He liked how it felt to his fingers.

Beneath it the Eiba was slender, but not skinny. He knew there were muscles there -- the whipping had been hard, well-done. He put the shirt aside, then knelt to remove shoes and pants, his own braid heavy against his back. The Eiba's hands slid over his shoulders, touching him as the Eiba's breath grew stronger, came quicker. He breathed in deep, the smell of need familiar, strong.

As he undid the Eiba's pants, the long, slender cock pushed out eagerly, standing proudly and reaching toward the Eiba's belly. When he had the Eiba bare, he sat back, waiting, patient.

"T-taste m-me, Tigre."

"Yes, Eiba." He bent his head, swallowing the Eiba down, curious to learn the flavor, the taste.

A soft cry filled the air, fingers sliding into his hair as he pulled the salt and sweet taste in. So gentle, compared to the others, so sweet. It confused him, made him shudder.

"G-good, Tigre." The Eiba's hands encouraged him to move on the long, slender cock.

He took every inch, swallowing carefully, his mouth well trained.

A shudder moved through the Eiba's body. "Oh!" The Eiba whimpered and began to move carefully.

He wasn't sure if the sound was good or bad, so he just followed the cues, sucking and humming as he could.

"Oh. Y-yes. Yes." Another whimper and the Eiba was looking at him, eyes hot on where his mouth was wrapped around the Eiba's cock.

Yes. Heat flooded him, the praise sweet, perfect. The Eiba's fingers slid on his cheek, traced his lips where they stretched around the Eiba's cock. The Eiba's hips moved faster, pushing the hard cock into his mouth over and over. It was easy to let the Eiba in, let himself be taken.

"Tigre... Oh." A soft cry sound, the Eiba's hips bucking, seed pouring down his throat.

He swallowed, drinking the bitter salt down, drinking the Eiba down.

The Eiba sank down into his arms and leaned against him, hand reaching for his cock. "Thank y-you."

"Thank you?" His cock leapt, pushed up into that touch, begging for it.

"F-for the p-pleasure." The Eiba's lips pressed against his, the hand around his cock stroking, sliding and squeezing.

"Oh." He moaned, body shivering. "Pleasure. Pleasure."

"Y-yes." The Eiba's free hand slid along the chain that ran from his nipple to his cock and tugged.

He cried out, eyes going wide as the sound left him. Oh. Oh, please don't stop. "Sorry."

"F-for w-what?"

"Noise." The noise. The sound.

The Eiba frowned for a moment. "Oh! N-no, I d-did n-not say n-no n-noise." Another tug came to the chain, the fingers around his cock continued to stroke. Another moan broke free, his cock harder than ever. The Eiba nodded. "I w-want to h-hear."

The chain was tugged this time, harder, the Eiba's lips pressing against his again. He rocked, trusting the Eiba to tell him when to stop, when to still. The hand around his cock tightened, moved with faster and faster strokes. A finger slid across the tip, sliding liquid down over his shaft.

"E... Eiba. Eiba." Hot, he was hot, aching, caught in the touch.

"Take y-your p-pleasure, Tigre."

Oh! Oh, Eiba. Eiba...

He came, roaring his need, his joy, his pleasure.

"Oh. Y-yes!" The Eiba nodded, looking happy. The hands on him gentled, kept touching though.

"This... this vala thanks the Eiba." So much.

"Tigre," the Eiba corrected softly.

"T... tigre." He panted. "This Tigre thanks the Eiba."

The Eiba nodded, smiled. "Y-you're welcome." Then the Eiba stood and held out a hand. "C-come. W-we eat."

"Yes, Eiba."

His hand fit with the Eiba's just like it was meant to be there.

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  1. Sounds intriguing. I never read this one.

    1. I hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to read it :)

  2. Wow, has it been a year? so much has happened in the last year. Congrats on all your self-pubbing!