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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thirty Days of Gratitude - Day 3

Today I'm grateful for electricity. No seriously. This is something I totally take for granted 99.99% of the time. Then there's the 0.01% when the power goes out and suddenly I realize just how much of my life is electricity dependent. Everything from keeping food cold, to being able to cook it, to the majority of my entertainment. Even reading needs lights evening and night time.

This morning there was a brown-out. I've never been through a brown-out before. None of the electronics worked, no TV, no stove, fridge, etc. and the lights worked, but only at about half power. It was the weirdest thing. All the street lights were sort of lit up when I took the dog out, but the traffic lights were not working. Luckily by the time I got back with the dog, the power had been fixed. But it reminded me that yeah, I am totally grateful for electricity - it definitely enriches my life big time.

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  1. Amazing how important electricity is.

    1. nods - and it's one of those things you never think about until you don't have it.

  2. Like you, I forget how dependent I am on electricity until I don't have it! Have a great weekend!

  3. HA HA how ironic. We had a power outage (complete) that lasted for almost 2 hours on MIL and I actually had to talk! ;p

    I got on my computer to clear out email...oops - wifi runs on electricity LOL. So yes, it's funny how much we rely on it and when we don't have it we realize just how much we use it.

    So I 100% agree with this one!