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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Movie Tuesday

I haven't seen any movies in the past week, but there are a number that are on my go to list - which usually translates to I may see 1 at the theatre, but I'll be picking the rest up when they come out on Blu-Ray.

Dr. Strange:  Benedict Cumberbatch - yay! Weird assed, but amazing visuals - yay!

Arrival: sci-fi - 'nuff said

Moana: Dwayne Johnson doing voice-over for a main character - yay! Plus the ads for it look adorable

The Take: Idris Alba - yay! Somewhat weird premise - yay!

Collateral Beauty: I want to see this one solely based on the ads I've seen

Star Wars - Rogue One: Star Wars - 'nuff said

Assassin's Creed: because I've always thought the game looked neat (though I've never played it) I will admit, this one is almost guaranteed to be a see it after it's out on Blu Ray

I will admit that the only two I will probably make it to the theatre to see are Dr. Strange and Rogue One.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I would recommend Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find was darker in tone at times than I expected but had plenty of humorous moments too which made it feel well rounded. It wasn't what I expected but I keep thinking about it which makes it quite good indeed by my standards!

  2. I have not seen anything about The Take - I'll have to look that one up. The rest? YES YES YES. We did manage to see Dr. Strange and really enjoyed it, it's visually stunning. If you get the chance, you should see it on the big screen.