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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Smutterday - Velvet Quartet

As promised, a smutty excerpt from the brand new Velvet Glove novel.

 Velvet Quartet

When his mam gets sick, Bene D’Ami’s brother Malif sells his services to two different men to earn the money they need to make her better. When both of Malif’s markers are called in at the same time, Bene must step in and fulfill one of the contracts. He arrives at the Velvet Glove an innocent who would rather still be in university with his books than at the pleasure club.

For his part, Master Dumont Westingcoat just wants to have a boy who will pleasure him and who he can whip on a regular basis. He’s shocked and somewhat dismayed when he discovers that his new boy is actually completely untried, and not the experienced lifetime sub he’s paid for. How can he continue on knowing he’s been duped?

Two men come into their lives to help build a bridge between Dumont and Bene. Tupo is a Glove submissive who is happy to serve. He comes to live with Bene and Dumont until he has taught Bene all he needs to know to be the consummate sub. Meanwhile, Dumont turns to his neighbor, fellow master, Gregori, for companionship and advice.

Can these four men become something more than two masters and two subs who must figure out how to work together? Find out in the newest addition to the Velvet Glove world.

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Smutty Excerpt:

“All I’m going to do is make you feel good. Is that okay, D’Ami? I’m going to make you feel so good.”

“Yes. Yes, it’s okay.” More than okay.

Tupo beamed at him, and then he watched as Tupo’s tongue came out to lick across the head of his cock. It took a second to actually feel the rush of heat, the wild pleasure that made him gasp.

Tupo smiled, then licked again, tongue sliding across his slit. Then Tupo shifted gears, licking from the base of his cock up along it, and all Bene could do was watch and feel it slowly growing beneath Tupo’s sweet licks.

His balls drew up, the sensation shocking, stunning, the long licks drawing his cock to its full length. Tupo hummed and rubbed his cheek against Bene’s erection.

He could feel every bit of soft hair as it fell against him, tickling his shaft.

When Tupo had licked every part of Bene’s cock, he took the head into his mouth and sucked very gently. It felt incredible. He couldn’t believe what he was feeling, how his balls drew up tight.

Tupo continued to suck on Bene’s cockhead, but he began using his tongue as well, flicking it back and forth across his slit.

“Tupo! Tupo!” He didn’t even have words for the sensations that rocked him.

Tupo hummed, and that sensation vibrated through him.

His balls ached and his shoulders rolled up, his belly so tight. It was so big, almost too big, and he couldn’t decide if he wanted it to go further or if he wanted it to end.

Then Tupo sucked hard and he didn’t have a choice anymore. He came, crying out over and over as he filled Tupo’s mouth. Tupo swallowed his come, throat working, proving that he wanted to get every drop.

“Oh.” He reached down, stroking Tupo’s hair. “Thank you.”

Tupo drew off gently, lapping at his flesh and making shivers flow through him.

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