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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Smutterday - The Closet Boy

Here's a smutty excerpt of my latest release!

Way’ra Bernard is only twenty years old when his parents kick him out of the house. He has been brought up to believe being gay is wrong and he is going to go to hell for it. He tried very hard not to be gay but couldn’t change the way he felt. Now he’s living furtively in a closet on the third floor of the place he’s working as a janitor—the Iron Eagle Gym.

Neal McPherson is an unattached Dom in his midtwenties and a member of the gym. One evening after working out, he notices Way’ra on the stairs and he’s immediately attracted and intrigued, so he asks Way’ra out. Unable to come up with a reason to refuse and also interested in Neal, Way’ra accepts.

There are a lot of obstacles to the relationship they attempt to build after their date, not least of which is Way’ra’s upbringing and his lingering doubts about the kinky sex Neal enjoys. But with patience and persistence, Neal might convince Way’ra not only to accept himself, but to loosen his inhibitions enough to explore and find a happy ending together.

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Smutty Excerpt:

Neal watched him. “You want a hand?”

“With my shoes?” He grinned over, held out a foot. “Sure.”

“I meant with all of it. Taking off each other’s clothes can be fun, sensual.” Neal grabbed the heel of his boot in one hand, his calf in the other, and tugged the footwear right off.

“It’s the middle of the day. You don’t think this is a little weird?”

“I’m hoping to make out with you in the shower, Way. I don’t think there’s an inappropriate time of day for that.”

“Right. Right. I just… I guess I think of naked as a dark thing.”

“Ah. I get that, I guess. It’s kind of how we grew up, right?” Neal helped him get his other shoe off. “But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make it a bright, sunshiney thing.”

“Yeah.” That thought made him grin like an idiot, really.

“Happy looks good on you, Way.” Neal started to tug off his T-shirt.

“Does it?” That made perfect sense. Happiness made everything better.

“Yep.” Neal stroked his bare belly. “Pretty.”

“Thank you.” He touched the heavy muscles of Neal’s abs.

“Mmm.” Neal moved to stroke his nipples, and they began to harden, to firm up and ache. Neal took one beneath his fingers, pinching lightly.

Way’s belly tightened and his balls drew up, the zing going right to his cock.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Neal’s voice was thick, his eyes hot.

“Uh-huh. You… you want me to do it to you too?”

“I want you to do whatever you want to. There’s no tit for… well, tit here.” Neal laughed, looking pleased with himself.

Way blinked, and then the giggles started, bubbling right out of him.

Neal wrapped him up in a hug and kissed him, the sounds of their laughter getting trapped between them.

Way had never thought it could be like this—this much fun and joy.

By the time they were done kissing, Neal had his pants and underwear tugged down so all he had to do was step out of them.

“That was smooth.” He had to appreciate that, how Neal could be so suave.

Neal chuckled softly “Thank you. I admit, I was going for getting you naked so we could have that shower together. I’m too gross to make love until we’re wet and I’ve gotten rid of this sweat.”

“Soaping you up sounds fun.” He felt so daring, to tease.

Neal nodded enthusiastically. “Yes. Now we’re on the same page.”

He liked this, the idea of being on the same page, the same wavelength as Neal.

Neal’s fingers curled around his, and he followed Neal into the shower, the hot water pouring over them and turning Neal’s smooth skin into bronze.

Way grabbed the soap and lathered it between his hands before reaching for the lovely skin.

Neal reached up for the showerhead, grabbing it, leaving all that skin within easy reach for him.

“You’re lovely, but you know that, huh?” Way asked.

“I’m glad that you think so. That’s what’s important.”

“I think so. I always wanted to be a big guy, but that’s not how I’m built.”

“I like how you’re built.” Neal slid a hand across his chest, brushing his right nipple, then moved it down along his belly.

“Skinny.” He shivered and drew circles around Neal’s hipbones.

Groaning, Neal pushed into his touches. “Slender.”

“Tiny.” He moved to Neal’s navel.

“You’re not that small.” Neal stroked his cheek. “It seems to me you’re the perfect size for you.”

“I am. I’m exactly my own size.” He nuzzled into Neal’s touch.

“Uh-huh.” Neal grabbed hold of the showerhead again and arched toward him. “Don’t stop touching.”

“I won’t. I promise.” And he didn’t. He stroked the tight abs, the heavy pecs.

Neal made great noises for him, little moans and sweet groans.

Way was sort of amazed how much it excited him to arouse Neal, to let himself touch. He could see Neal’s cock getting harder with every second, with every single one of his touches.

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