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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Suddenly Sunday

Boom, the weekend is almost over and I'm not sure where it went. I got a lot accomplished -- wound up running around both yesterday and today more than I'd originally planned, but I'm hoping to spend most of the coming week, holed up in the house writing madly. Books, blog posts, all the stuff that needs writing.

And on the subject of 'boom' where the heck did May go and how are we already at the fifth of June? I swear there are some times when I look at how fast time goes and it makes me catch my breath.

Today is a grey day. It rained all morning, which we totally needed. The grass had tons of brown patches, which usually only happens near the end of August. I must admit that it has been nice not to have the humidity, and today is all about the humidity, but we do need the water if we don't want produce to cost a fortune later this summer.

Went to the market in the pouring rain -- not very busy. It did mean I didn't have to wait anywhere, but damn, it's not good for sales and I felt bad for the vendors who get to stand around all day in the bad weather and not have much to show for it. I tell you what, though. The first strawberries of the year have arrived! One farm had them and I grabbed a pint. God, so good. The ones we get imported are tasteless compared to the homegrown ones. Even the ones that weren't anywhere near as ripe as they could have been tasted so much better than the pretty but flavorless ones that come in from elsewhere. It should be good pickings until mid-July and then a few of the farms should have the ones that will go right until September. I do love me some strawberries. Maybe I'll go picking this year and get some of them and some raspberries and make jam. We'll see if time cooperates or not!

I've got an edit to finish before I can call it a day today - so I'd better get back to that.

I hope everyone had a good weekend,
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  1. Sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend!