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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Smutterday - Shifter Rescue: Freedom

Mated lynx shifters Hill and Cather have been rescued by the good people at the Old Tavern Club, specifically by Jag, who has brought them back from the brink of death and convinced them to give life, and possibly love, another chance.

Jag wants to be more than just their rescuer, though. He desires to be not only their Master, but the recipient of their love as well. Hill's all on board, but Cather is going to take more convincing, especially when he begins to have trouble shifting from one form to the other.

Can Jag help Cather solve this new obstacle to their freedom, or are the lynx's doomed to remain in their new rooms at the Old Tavern for the rest of their lives?

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Smutty Excerpt:

They burst into the bedroom, and Jag threw him down onto the bed.

Hill jumped up, eyes wide.

“I’m going to fuck Cather through the mattress,” Jag told Hill.

“Oh. Do you need help?”

Cather growled at his mate, rumbling.

“Be nice,” Jag ordered, swatting Cather’s hip.

“No more!” God, he burned.

“I decide that,” Jag insisted.

Still, Jag’s next move was to press against Cather’s hole, cock thick, slick and insistent.

“Please. Yes. Thank you. Please.” He felt the touch everywhere.

Jag sank all the way in until the hairs around Jag’s cock scratched against Cather’s burning ass. Jag’s low groan said he was enjoying this, too. Cather bore down hard, squeezing tight around Jag’s cock.

“Oh, fuck, yes.” Jag moaned, then drew out so slowly before slamming back into him again. He took every inch, begged for it.

Jag found a rhythm, giving it to him good and hard, just like he needed. He spread, balancing on his heels so there was as little friction as possible on his ass. Jag just kept pounding, filling him like Cather needed, taking him. He needed this. Needed it bad.

“I know. Your need is like heaven.” Jag growled the words out, the snarl deep and low. “And I won’t leave you needing. I swear.”

Jag’s thrusts increased in strength and speed, their bodies coming together noisily, explosively.

Hill moaned. “Beautiful. You’re both beautiful.”

Hill’s words didn’t slow Jag down. Instead it made him punch in harder, Jag shifting slightly and suddenly hitting Cather’s gland with each thrust.

Cather soared, his entire world going hot and sparkly.

Eventually, Jag wrapped a hand around Cather’s cock, the thrusts into his body pushing his cock along Jag’s palm. The pleasure pushed him higher, and he was soaring, out of his mind with it.

Soon. He couldn’t even say it out loud.

Jag nodded, though, like he’d heard it. “When I say, Cather, and not a second before.”

His groan tore out of him, but he fought the urge to shoot, wanting to please this strong man who had been so generous with him.

“That’s it, hold on for me, kit. Hold on.” Jag didn’t make it easy on him, finding his gland with every thrust, working him hard.

For you. For you. For you. The words echoed throughout him.

“Yes!” Jag cried out and thrust even harder, just pounding into him.

The hand on his prick felt like fire wrapped around him.

Soon. The word cut through him, promising him the world if he’d just hold on.

Soon. Please.

Yes. Jag moved harder and faster, filling him with hardness and heat and just when Cather was sure he couldn’t hold on another second, Jag shouted, “Now!”

Seed poured from him, leaving him wrung out and melted, sobbing and healed.

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