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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Smutterday - Modifications: Mane and Tail

Modifications: Mane and Tail

Eric Martin is a successful businessman, but he’s lonely, he’s stressed, and there’s something missing from his life. At least that is, until he meets Daryus at a conference. Daryus promises he can offer Eric all his fantasies come true. A second meeting at a bar one night, leads Eric through a door into a world where he suddenly finds himself as the ‘pony’ of groom Soren.

Soren is a groom of human ponies who is working off his debt to a demon by training men in pony play. He enjoys his work a lot and one day hopes to have a pony of his own as a reward for all the good work he’s done and to celebrate the payment of his debt. When Eric appears in his stall, Soren believes that day has finally come.

Eric can’t believe the stables he finds himself in are real. His pony fantasies are just that – fantasies. Not only that, he’s never shared them with anyone, so how could Daryus have known? Between Eric’s confusion and lack of experience, Soren has his work cut out not only training Eric, but convincing him that this is real and that Eric doesn’t ever need to go back to his old world.

With a little demon magic and a lot of care, Eric and Soren just might find everything they need to be both happy and together.

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Smutty Excerpt:

Soren moved about the bathroom, opening the cupboard over the sink, grabbing a few things before coming back. And Eric stayed. He had lost his mind completely.

Putting his supplies down, Soren took Eric’s right hand and gently cleaned it with a cloth before slathering some ointment on it. “This is antibacterial. It’ll keep your hands from getting infected.”

“I… Thank you?” God, his head hurt.

“You’re welcome, sweet pony.” Soren wrapped his hand in gauze, all his fingers together, so they were immobile. Then Soren began on his other hand.

“I… it wasn’t… They’re not that bad.” His breath began to speed.

“It’s okay – ponies don’t need their hands.”

“I’m not a… It was a fantasy!” And he’d never told another living soul. Not ever.

“Shh. Shh. You are a pony, Petyr, and now your fantasy is real.”

Soren got his other hand doctored and wrapped, then helped him to sit up on the bench. His hands were totally wrapped – he wasn’t even going to be able to hold himself to pee, let alone get dressed or feed himself.

“Take them off,” he demanded. “Take them off.”

“No, they’re keeping your hands from getting infected. It’s all right, pony, you’re just fine.” Soren petted his shoulders, back, and arms. “Be easy.”

“I don’t know how!”

Soren’s eyes warmed, the man unflappable. “I know.” The touches became gentler, less petting and more stroking, caressing. “First thing you need is an orgasm to help your body find comfort. Then breakfast, followed by our first lesson.”

Eric wasn’t sure which touches were better, the earlier gentling touches or these arousing ones. “I…”


Eric didn’t know where to look.

Soren slid his fingers down along Eric’s spine, and he shivered at the sensation, at the way tingles followed those touches.

“There. See?” Soren murmured. “Just feel this.”

How could he not?

“We’re connected,” Soren insisted. “Your body recognizes me as mine recognizes you.”

The tingling strokes continued along Eric’s spine, then began to move down along the top of his crack, too. His hole clenched, his ass tingling. Stop it, he told himself. Control yourself.

Humming, Soren sat on the bench, then tugged Eric so he was straddling the strong thighs. His new position allowed Soren access to his ass, his crack, his hole. He opened his lips, but Soren silenced him with a single finger.

“You’re having an orgasm. And you’re going to enjoy it.” Soren’s finger slipped from his lips, over his chin, and along his throat.

Eric swallowed hard, over and over, Soren chasing the motion.

“Such a beautiful pony. I am a very lucky groom.” Soren ran his other hand along Eric’s crack, up and down, teasing his hole on every pass.

His cheeks clenched, the pleasure stealing his breath.

“Mmm.” Soren leaned in, pressing their lips together in the softest kiss.

Eric placed his bound hands on Soren’s chest. He could feel the warm muscles rising and falling with each of Soren’s breaths. The kisses stayed gentle, as did the touches, Soren building the pleasure inside him slowly.

There was no way Eric was going to allow this to continue. No way.

Then the hand at his throat slid down along his chest, tickling at his belly. His belly went tight, and when Soren tugged Eric’s short hairs, he bucked a bit.

“There’s my beautiful pony. Such lovely spirit.” Soren tugged again, then slid his fingers along Eric’s cock. The touch was warm, barely there.

His cock went immediately, painfully hard. It wasn’t fair.

“Such a very lovely spirit,” Soren repeated, hand wrapping fully around his cock. It felt like there was a live connection between his cock and Soren’s hand.

Eric gasped, his fingers fighting to curl in their gauze.

Soren deepened the kiss, tongue teasing its way into his mouth as the sweet touch to his cock slid up and down. No hands had ever felt so good, not his own, not anyone else’s ever, and this was such a gentle touch. His eyes crossed, and his heart began to pound furiously.

Pulling up on his cock, Soren held him there, thumb rubbing back and forth across his slit. He swore for a moment there was electricity flowing through him.

“Such fun we will have, Petyr. You have a sensitive slit; that opens so many doors to us.”

He had no idea what that meant, but it made Soren’s voice thick.

“I’m going to fill your mouth and your ass and your cock. You’re going to be such a pretty pony.” Soren pressed a finger into his slit, then stroked him again.

Eric arched, toes actually touching the floor and he nearly lost his seat.

Soren had him, though, arm firm around his back. “Easy, pony. Easy does it.”

“I. I. I…” God, his balls ached.

“Stop thinking and let your body do what comes naturally.” Soren’s hand tightened on his cock again, the stroking resuming, the pleasure huge. On each upstroke, Soren worked his slit. Mouth against his ear, Soren whispered, the words heated, “Come for me now, my pretty pony.”

“Please…” His body responded like it was on autopilot, spunk pouring from him.

“I love how you smell,” Soren told him. “I wonder if you taste just as good.” With that, Soren brought his hand up to his mouth and licked Eric’s spunk from his fingers.

Eric’s cock jerked, more seed throbbing from him.

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