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Friday, June 3, 2016

Random Friday

I think that light at the end of the tunnel was actually a train... Ah well, I knew that I wouldn't be feeling almost caught up for long. C'est la vie.

This weekend, I have blogposts to do, I have edits to go through, and I have to clean.... I also have stories to write so yay! Aside from a bit of shopping as well, this will be my weekend.

Next weekend on the other hand, I am going to something called DessertFest. That's right, I said DessertFest. That should round out my year of food events nicely. It started with Baconpalooza, then there was the Mac'nCheese Festival, the Poutine Festtival and now DessertFest. DessertFest. DessertFest. I just can't say it enough because it amuses me almost as much as Baconpalooza did.

Weather has been middling the last couple of days. Tuesday was stunningly beautiful with not too high temps and a lovely breeze. One of those days where the weather just makes you happy. The last few days have had cool mornings, warming up to hot but not dreadful days. If I can open the windows in the morning and only have to put the A/C on in the afternoon/evening it makes for a much happier me. I'm so glad the more like mid-July weather only lasted a few days. Maybe July will be nicer to me than usual. It's a nice dream, anyway ;)

I took a bunch of stuff to be mailed out yesterday, get in line, wait, have my turn, and the package on the top of the pile has no address on it. How do I do that? So I will have to return to the post office today or tomorrow... probably tomorrow. I have another package to mail out and am feeling too lazy to put it together right now.

I have a beef tongue cooking on the stove. I do love me some tongue and now that the market is open again, I can go down and hit up the meat farmers for it. I like beef the best, but the pork tongue isn't bad. Actually, I should ask the elk lady if she ever has it available, as well as the buffalo and venison guy. It would be interesting to try different ones. I'll also be picking up some fresh cheese from the sheep farmer and some fresh free run eggs from the egg guy. I'm hoping someone will have some rhubarb, too, because my patch needs does not have enough ready in its second picking yet to actually have enough for a dessert.

That is my weird foods for the day. Funny, I love both of them thanks to my father. We had them growing up. Organ meats and tongue used to be very cheap and we had them at least once a week. I liked tongue week, I was not at all fond of liver, heart or kidney, with the heart being my least favorite. And rhubarb was always in the form of either crisp or pie (open face, my grandmother never put lids on her pies). I like crisp best, but love the pie as well and of course I'm now experimenting with different recipes - rhubarb coffee cake, rhubarb muffins, rhubarb bread. I just found a recipe for rhubarb tartatin that I can't wait to try.

There's still more than a day left in the contest for a print copy of Windbrothers: Desert - check out the contest details here.

Now, I'm planning to do a smutterday post tomorrow, but I was planning to do one last week too and you can see how that turned out, or didn't turn out as the case may be.

So have a great weekend!

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  1. DessertFest...YUM but omg Baconpalooza? YUM!!!

    ARGH I hate when that post office thing happens /o\

    I think I'm going to have to give both the tongue and the rhubarb a pass ;p

    LOLLL here's hoping Smutterday happens :D