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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Contest Winners and New Contest

Congrats to M, winner of an ebook copy of Amnesia and to Donna, winner of a print copy of Amnesia!

This week's contest is for these two little fluffy kitties to represent Hill and Cather from Shifter Rescue: Fading and Shifter Rescue: Freedom -- Freedom comes out from Changeling Press on Friday!

For the contest, send me an email with freedom in the subject line (seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com without the spaces) and I will pick a winner on Saturday morning. I am happy to ship overseas (including Australia) so don't let where you live stop you from entering the contest.

Shifter Rescue: Freedom

Mated lynx shifters Hill and Cather have been rescued by the good people at the Old Tavern Club, specifically by Jag, who has brought them back from the brink of death and convinced them to give life, and possibly love, another chance.

Jag wants to be more than just their rescuer, though. He desires to be not only their Master, but the recipient of their love as well. Hill's all on board, but Cather is going to take more convincing, especially when he begins to have trouble shifting from one form to the other.

Can Jag help Cather solve this new obstacle to their freedom, or are the lynx's doomed to remain in their new rooms at the Old Tavern for the rest of their lives?

Available on Friday the 17th of June at Changeling Press.

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