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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Smutterday - Three Wishes

The Three Wishes books now have a new series name - Rainbow Island - and I will be writing a third book in the series for Pride Publishing, who are republishing the first two books in the series.

Three Wishes

Come to Rainbow Island, where all your sexual fantasies will come true.

In Three Wishes, James, Guard and Damien bring in three different couples for their special fantasy-granting services. Handsome model Benji is tired of being perfect, and he wants to make his body his own. Thor, tattoo artist and piercer, as well as Dom, is just the man to do it. Will Benji find what he’s looking for?

Meanwhile, Alan and Roman are a long-time sub/Dom couple looking to have a few outside Masters give Alan all the things that Roman can’t. Will their relationship survive Alan’s strong reaction to one of the Masters?

The last couple to visit the island are Quinn and Pierce. Quinn has medical fetishes he’s embarrassed to tell his lover Pierce about even though Pierce is a doctor. So he’s going to get it out of his system in this safe environment. At least that’s the plan…

Don’t miss out on these fantasies come true.

Available for early download at Pride Publishing.

Smutty Excerpt:

“Sir. Sir…” The pretty cock started to fill, swell.

“Yes. Such a good boy. Such a responsive boy.”

Benji blushed, lips parted, so hungry. He pressed his lips to Benji’s, tongue slipping in.

“Master.” The word was whispered into his mouth, sweet, soft, just a breath.

He deepened the kiss, emotion swelling up inside him. Benji’s arms wrapped around him, as he held on, staying close. He shifted Benji so the man was straddling his thighs, their cocks pressed tight between them. They started shifting, moving, Benji riding his lap, moaning into his kiss. He wrapped his hands around Benji’s ass, encouraging the movements.

Benji’s eyes were open, watching him, letting him in. He pushed the kiss deeper, taking more and more. His boy was leaking against him, cock dripping and sliding against his belly. Slick, hot, so soft and hard at the same time. Thor loved it.

He bit at Benji’s lips, and pinched the unadorned nipple. The moan that pushed between his lips was pure need.

He pulled one hand between them, wrapping it around their cocks. He groaned at the sensation of Benji’s cock against his. He bit at Benji’s lips, tugged them, made them swell. He wanted to growl. He wanted to claim the man as his, right now.

Those eyes were so big, so needy, staring into him. He held the gaze, put what he was feeling into it. Benji nodded once, breathing him in. Groaning, he stood, holding onto Benji as he moved to the bed. His. His boy. Damn it. And they both knew it.

He pushed Benji onto the bed and drove into him. Benji dragged him close, kept him right there, happy sounds pushing into his lips. He began to pound into Benji’s body, their hips working hard. His. His. Thor wanted to scream. He pressed harder into Benji. He pressed faster into him.

“Sir. Sir. So good.” Beautiful. His boy.

“Show me. Come for me.” Thor wanted that to make him come, too.

“Yes!” Benji arched, that sweet hole gripping him with a fierce hold, and cum sprayed in thick ropes over the inked chest.

So fucking gorgeous.

He let go, his cum filling the condom as his body jerked over Benji. Benji’s lips opened and closed, a happy sound leaving them.

He rested against Benji, the man’s cum hot between them. He’d have to sterilize the tattoos and cream them, but they could lie like this for a moment or two and just be.

smut fixes everything

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