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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday Book Day

Usually I talk about books in general and reading on Wednesday Book Days, but today I've got a self-pub of a brand new book out and I'm excited about it and want to share!

I've started a new series called Modifications. The premise is that there are these two demons who have set up a way of making men's fantasies come true - for a small price where small means they get all the money and all the power the men wielded. The guys don't care because they're in an alternate dimension where no matter what their fantasy was it can come true.

The first book explores Pony Play and I was so pleased to be able to spend more time on the subject than I have in the past. Both books that I have featuring it are much shorter. SWAK: Pony Play is a little less than half as long as this new one, and Velvet Stables which is a collection of short stories exploring both Pony and Puppy Play.

This time I got to really explore it from the beginning to training to spending time performing as a pony. It was great fun to write and Hot as well, if I do say so myself. It's also got a wonderful cover by Kris Norris on it!

Modifications: Mane and Tail

Eric Martin is a successful businessman, but he’s lonely, he’s stressed, and there’s something missing from his life. At least that is, until he meets Daryus at a conference. Daryus promises he can offer Eric all his fantasies come true. A second meeting at a bar one night, leads Eric through a door into a world where he suddenly finds himself as the ‘pony’ of groom Soren.

Soren is a groom of human ponies who is working off his debt to a demon by training men in pony play. He enjoys his work a lot and one day hopes to have a pony of his own as a reward for all the good work he’s done and to celebrate the payment of his debt. When Eric appears in his stall, Soren believes that day has finally come.

Eric can’t believe the stables he finds himself in are real. His pony fantasies are just that – fantasies. Not only that, he’s never shared them with anyone, so how could Daryus have known? Between Eric’s confusion and lack of experience, Soren has his work cut out not only training Eric, but convincing him that this is real and that Eric doesn’t ever need to go back to his old world.

With a little demon magic and a lot of care, Eric and Soren just might find everything they need to be both happy and together.

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