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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Smutterday - Tasting

Find out how it all began for Peter and Christian.

Before Toby met Damon, Peter and Christian found each other on the internet.

Still in the army, Christian was inexperienced in not only BDSM, but sex altogether. Still, he has yearnings and furtively explores them in online chatrooms.

Luckily for Christian, seasoned Dom Peter recognizes Christian’s lack of experience and a kindred spirit in the man, and they take their conversations to text messages and Skype calls.

After Christian’s last deployment and only a few months before his discharge, he takes leave and visits Peter so the two men can see if they are as compatible in person as they seem to be online.

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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Smutty Excerpt:

“Anyway. No thinking about your job. Right now you’re a naked man in my shower, getting washed with my magic loofah of love.” Peter put on a cheesy voice for the last few words.

Christian blinked once, then started laughing, the little joke just hitting his funny bone. Peter looked pleased at having made him laugh and now the touches along his ribs were more tickles than caresses, Peter’s low chuckles joining his laughter as he wriggled and twitched.

He reached for Peter and started touching back, almost tickling himself. It was easier like this, when he felt like he got it.

Peter groaned and began pushing into his touches, the laughter fading as everything became overtly sexual now. He explored Peter—chest and belly, hips and ass, then he moved to jack Peter’s cock like he wanted to.

“You want to taste me?” Peter asked. “To go down on your knees and take my cock in your mouth?”

What if he gagged? What if he puked? What if…? “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“Then do it. Get down on your knees for me because I have to tell you, I want your mouth. I want it so bad. I want to watch my cock sliding between your lips. I want to feel the heat of your mouth sucking at me.”

He groaned, dragging his fingers over Peter’s lips. God, the man was good at that. Smiling, Peter grabbed at his fingers, sucking two in.

“Oh!” Oh, God. It was like there was a string from his fingers to his cock.

Peter ran his teeth over the pads of Christian’s fingers, and little explosions started there.

He couldn’t have fought his moan, no matter what.

“Mmm.” Peter’s hum vibrated along his fingertips. Then Peter put a hand on his shoulder. Peter didn’t push him down, but he could feel it, feel that Peter wanted him to.

He whimpered when his fingers slipped from Peter’s mouth and he lost that suction.

“You were going to blow me…” Peter still didn’t push him down.

“Yeah.” God, let it work for him. He knelt down as carefully as he could, and leaned over to take the tip of Peter’s cock in. It wasn’t nasty at all. Peter tasted clean and fresh, warm and male, the flavor surprising on his tongue.

He’d tasted himself before, sure—once at the request of Peter himself—but never another man.

Peter’s hands slid over his head, the touches gentle, encouraging, not forcing him to do anything, just another point of connection.

He began to suck, carefully. He explored Peter’s shaft, the tip of his tongue tracing the veins there. Peter was very responsive, moaning for him, squeezing his head now and then to let him know how good it was.

And it was, honestly. It felt weirdly right, to have the hard cock piercing his lips. It slid a little deeper as Peter began to rock, pushing the thick erection in. It took him a few tries, to relax past the gag reflex.

“There you go. Nice and easy, Christian. Giving your lover a blow job is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it. Revel in it.”

He hoped he could. He wanted to. He reached up and cupped Peter’s sac, rolling it gently.

“Oh yes. Such good instincts, boy.”

God, that word. It made his cock ache.

He sucked a little harder, earning him a moan from Peter. “God, don’t stop.”

His suction increased even more and that made Peter cry out and hold on tight.

“Gotta move,” Peter said, beginning to rock gently.

He’d settled into it by then, and he opened up, taking more, then more again. Peter’s fingers wrapped around his skull, fingers digging in, holding him in place as Peter’s rocking picked up speed.

He opened up, and God, it was hard to trust, to let Peter in.

As the thrusts continued, though, they didn’t push too far, didn’t choke him, and Peter always pulled back right away. They found a rhythm, in and out, in and out, over and over.

He knew when Peter was going to come. Not only did the cock in his mouth seem to swell further, Peter’s fingers dug in harder. A shout was his last warning, and then Peter’s cock was shooting cum into his mouth.

He swallowed hard, taking in every drop, his own cock stiff between his legs. Peter’s hold gentled, the fingers digging into his head, then loosening their hold, Peter petting his head.

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