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Monday, May 29, 2017

My God It's Monday

I have a busy week like whoa and a good half of my todo list should be done yesterday, let alone today! So of course today is the day where I'm like a gnat on crack and flit from thing to thing, not actually completing tasks but working on one for a few minutes before going, oh wait, what's that? flit flit flit. It is not the best way to get shit accomplished.

I'm starting to feel the need for a steak. Every now and then I just have to have red meat, preferably with a salad on the side. I guess my body gets to craving the iron and vitamins? I don't know, but sometimes it's just absolutely necessary. I'm thinking there's a visit to Moxies in my near future. They also do these sushi cones that I could totally gorge on for days. One day I will go there and get like three orders of them and just pig out. I haven't yet because I get there and ooo steak, so I wind up sharing the sushi cones and having steak. Mmmm... steak. Mmmm... sushi cones.

I am not actually a huge sushi fan, but I do love the crab ones, the shrimp ones, and the California rolls with the crab in them. But most of the raw fish ones just don't do it for me. Of course, I'm not a fan of fish. Shell fish, yes, bring it on I like it all - except for oysters and that's a texture thing - but regular fish with gills and scales? I am just not fond. Some I can tolerate, some I just plain don't like at all.

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Loving the rainy day. It's nice and cool. The dog does not like getting wet (despite having webbed toes) so he spends rainy days sleeping. The funniest thing is when he doesn't realize it's raining and he wants to go out. So I open the door for him and he dashes out, only to freeze just on the other side of the doorstep and come back in. He can hold on for a long, long time to keep from having to go out in the rain. The longest ever was one time when he'd gone out to do his business at 6pm, then didn't go out again until the next day around 2pm. No accidents in the house, either. He just was holding on until the rain stopped, or his bladder exploded. For the record, he waited until the rain stopped.

We're experiencing a much wetter sprint this year than last where it was near drought conditions. On the plus side - the flowers, trees and grass are loving the water (especially as it's been coupled with lots of sunshine, too). On the negative side, this has already been a banner year for mosquitoes and the mosquito season has only just started! Yikes. The fact that it was a relatively warm winter isn't helping keep their numbers down, either.

Oh! I started out talking about the rain meaning to say that I'm having to wear a sweater and I love having to wear sweaters. There you see the gnat on crack in action...

And on that note, I should probably get back to the many things on my todo list. I've been working all morning, but it really doesn't seem any smaller!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the US. Hugs to those who have lost loved ones who served.

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