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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

Having just seen Moana, I thought I would share my top ten favorite animated films. I have to preface this by reminding everyone that I hate choosing favorites, and while these are numbered, they aren't necessarily in order - aside from number one. And I've left off other animated movies that I enjoy. There are plenty I wouldn't put on this list, though, too. If there's no way I'd watch the movie again, it's definitely not on this list. But many, like Zootopia, Up (squirrel!), Finding Nemo, just to name a few, could have been on the list if it was longer (or another day)

10. How to Train Your Dragon - I still don't understand why the Vikings have Scottish accents...
9. The Incredibles - how can you not love a family who fights crime together? And Edna? Love her!
8. Toy Story - the third one actually made me cry! To infinity and beyond!
7. Shrek - my favorite part is how whenever anyone asks his name he goes "uh... Shrek?"
6. Moana - I really did enjoy this one a lot. Chicken! (there may be a theme here of me and the little odd beasties that are in these movies...)
5. Minions - I like the two Despicable Me movies too, but the minions are the best part of that and their movie is awesome. Buddies! Banana!
4. Big Hero Six - I especially love Baymax and how he does the fist bump with the blowing it up. Just won my heart.
3. The Emperor's New Groove - why do we even have that lever? Kronk doing his own theme song. Llamas! Need I say more?
2. Wall-E - I love that little robot in love.
1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - I know this technically isn't a film, but it's my favorite animated thing ever, so there.

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  1. I LOVE HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS!!! It's probably my all time favorite too :D

    Beauty and The Beast - that's one of my favorites.

    Big Hero 6 is awesome and it made me cry...twice at least LOL. Same with the Toy Story movies - we're talking ugly tears during the third one /o\

    I love the Despicable Me movies - Minions was just okay - and not so much because the Minions were the main characters - I think the other characters weren't as awesome as Gru. I'd like to see a Minion movie of them working for him - because I enjoy him so much.