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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Smutterday - His Very Own Vampire

Vampire Truelock’s job for the last several hundred years has been protecting the President of Archer Industries, a family run company that has done very well for itself. The current patriarch, Desmond Archer, is getting ready to officially retire from the company that more or less runs itself now, and he sends True on a mission to protect his estranged grandson Lane.

Lane’s mother stopped speaking to her father Desmond when Lane was only a few years old and has told her son that his grandparents are all dead. He has no idea that he’s an heir to a fortune. When a handsome stranger steps in and saves him from bodily hard just when he needs it, he’s both grateful and a little suspicious. That suspicion only grows when bad things continue to happen to him, all seeming to stem from True’s arrival and claim that he’s been sent by Lane’s grandfather to protect him.

The fact that there’s insane chemistry between Lane and True doesn’t help either of them untangle where the danger’s coming from. Can they figure it out before Lane’s unknown enemies manage to do him permanent damage?

Originally released with Amber Quill Press

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Smutty Excerpt:

Then he bent and took Lane’s mouth, stopping any more words with his hard kiss. Lane’s mouth was hot and wet and tasted like life. And nothing had ever felt as right as this right here.

Lane gasped, a tangible shock running through the lean body, the connection between them unlike anything he’d ever felt. If it had fallen flat, True would have ended the kiss, told Lane it was simply to bring him out of the hysteria he was working up to. It would have meant he was reading everything wrong and he wouldn’t ever be able to trust his instincts again, but that’s what True would have said. It hadn’t fallen flat, though. True let go of Lane’s wrists and wrapped his arms around the thin body, holding Lane close as their kisses continued.

What’s going on? What are you doing? Don’t stop. Please.

What the fuck? They hadn’t even shared blood; the bond between them was even stronger than he’d ever imagined he could share with anyone.

True listened to that needy plea despite his surprise, tongue fucking Lane’s mouth. He grabbed hold of Lane’s ass with one hand, pulling their bodies roughly together.

God, yes. Harder.

“I don’t…” Lane said out loud, though he never finished the sentence.

Little liar. True heard Lane’s thoughts—he heard Lane’s thoughts—and he knew what this beautiful boy really wanted. After a single kiss.

Pushing aside everything but the feelings thrumming through him and the feedback he got from Lane, True prolonged the kiss, letting his teeth scrape over Lane’s skin, even as his fingers dug into Lane’s hot ass.

Lane was babbling into his skull, fantasies pouring into him in a rush. It was stunning, each one more perverse than the last, each one making True’s balls ache just a little bit more. Groaning, he pushed Lane over to the couch and pressed him into it. He lay on top of the slender form, his body covering Lane’s as he rubbed them together.

“Let me go,” Lane moaned, fingers digging into his shoulders, cock hard as nails, the thoughts didn’t stop, didn’t ever stop pushing into True’s mind, belying Lane’s words.

“No.” True didn’t fancy it up or make excuses or give Lane any reasons for his answer, he just let it hang there baldly between them. He knew letting go wasn’t what Lane wanted after all. He didn’t want to let go either.

Groaning, True brought their mouths back together, grinding his hips against Lane’s. Lane began to respond, the hunger in him driving True even higher. He wanted to bite, to make Lane’s his on a cellular level, but he didn’t. He kept it physical, kept the wildness to here and now. For the time being.

It was enough, the pounding of Lane’s heart driving the rhythm of his hips, keeping him moving hard and fast. They weren’t even undressed yet and already it felt like they were going to set the place on fire.

Lane groaned for him, and one leg wrapped around True’s hip, holding them together. He kept kissing Lane to keep from taking the bite he wanted, occupying his mouth with the taste and heat of Lane as he rocked against the slender body. His cock hadn’t been this hard in a long time.

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