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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Smutterday - The Wizard and The Thief

I love this new cover!

The Wizard and The Thief

Plum is as good a thief as any he's ever met, aided by the fact that he has a little magic to his light fingers. So when he's hired to steal a wizard's treasure, he doesn't think twice.

Corm is no regular wizard, though, and he finds Plum absolutely enchanting, deciding he must have the pretty thief at all costs. When secrets arise between them, Corm finds he might lose everything he's worked so hard to gain with Plum, and he has to summon more than just his magic to set it right.

Originally released with Amber Quill Press and Torquere Press.

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Smutty Excerpt:

Plum moved like a cat, graceful, lovely. Groaning, he bent and pressed his lips against Plum’s.

Plum moaned, lips parting a moment before the man pulled away. “Let me go.”

He shook his head. “I wasn’t inclined to do that before. I certainly won’t be doing it now.” He pressed their lips together again, intent on nothing more than feeling that fire flare between them again.

He had never felt such a burn, such a fierce connection, and it drew him, fascinated him like nothing else had in years. He slid his hand over Plum’s face again, searching for magicks as he slid his tongue into Plum’s mouth, but there were no magicks here but his own, no magicks but the one that flowed between them.

Plum’s tongue pushed into his lips, forceful and suddenly hungry, demanding. Moaning, he opened, let the man in, his own hunger fed by Plum’s.

Plum rolled him, pushing him down into the mattress, lean body draped over him. He allowed it, sliding his hands down to grab Plum’s ass. It was round and sweet, felt good in his palm. Plum rocked up toward his touch, eyes flashing open, staring into him.

“What?” he asked, squeezing Plum’s ass. His other hand slid behind Plum’s head, pulling him back in.

“I don’t…” Yes. Yes, it quite appeared that Plum did.

He pushed his tongue back into Plum’s mouth, that fire right there between them. Plum wrapped his lips around Corm’s tongue, sucking hard, sensations zinging between them. His hips pushed up over and over, rubbing against Plum, almost shaking from the intensity of it.

“What are you doing to me?” The words were a low growl, Plum’s hand hot where it cupped his cock.

“The same thing you’re doing to me!” This passion had not been fashioned by spells and magick. It was a power of its own.

“I’m not. I can’t. My spells are…” Plum groaned, teeth sharp on his jaw, his throat.

He jerked, head going back to make sure Plum had room. To mark him. He’d never… Groaning, he pressed hard on Plum’s ass, bringing their bodies even closer together.

Plum bit deep, groaning and beginning to hump down against him, motions desperate and hungry. He met Plum’s movements, feeling the fire build and build. He had not come in his clothes since he was an eager youth, but he was about to do so now.

He could feel Plum’s climax in the energies ringing around him, around them. He gave himself over to it, letting the pleasure take over. Crying out, he came, shuddering beneath Plum’s body.

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