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Friday, October 7, 2016

Random Friday

Random Friday is random.
  • If I can get this edit done today, I have a minimal todo list for the weekend. 
  • I'm making crescent rolls from a super easy recipe BA shared with me. I'm hoping they're yummy because I could totally have fun experimenting with various fillings for these.
  • not this weekend, but probably next, I think I'm going to take a hike in the Gatineaus. The fall colors are promising to be glorious - they already are beautiful, but there will be much more of them in another week or so.
  • I have a yen for a movie, but I don't want to go to the theatre - it feels like too much work
  • Cooler nights/mornings make my day, even if it's still getting to 22C (72F) during the day. The higher day temps will soon go the way of the dodo for this year at least and I will be a happy weather campre
  • I wonder if we'll have a rainy fall this year? It's been a pretty dry year, with not very much rain over the spring and summer at all.
  • the dog treats the blue jay like he does the squirrel - chases him out of the yard - the little birds that come to the feeder and the chipmunk that eats the seeds from the ground are totally okay to do so in his eyes, but that Jay - it and the squirrels totally get chased away
  • beginning to decorate the front of the house - the blow up dragon with the flapping wings goes up this weekend
  • I have all my chocolate bars and candies to give out, as well as the plastic halloween decorated baggies - I just need to put them all together. Maybe I'll do that before the 31st at 4pm this year... yes, I always buy early and somehow am never ready until after the first kids have arrived to trick or treat...
  • gonna by my pumpkins on the weekend too - they have 'warty' ones at the Farm Boy!
  • okay, that edit is not going to go through itself!
  • TGIF!

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  1. I do the same. I start out trying to be early. Then sit back and relax and then I am late.

  2. I've always waited to the last minute cause that's when my thoughts seem to come together.

  3. BA gave you a crescent roll recipe...from scratch? *slinks away with her Pillsbury crescent rolls in a tube*

    We saw Deepwater Horizon this weekend...really intense and emotional and very well done.

    YOu have a dog? How did I not know that? What kind???

    GAH I haven't bought ANY candy yet. #FAIL