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Monday, October 17, 2016

My God It's Monday

I had a really nice and relaxing weekend. Now it's time to Monday-Up!

Got another edit in. A bunch of cover forms to deal with, and a bunch of stuff to pimp. I do think I'm going to manage to get today's todo list done today. Wouldn't that be nice? Of course I haven't actually opened the edits yet, so things might change once I've done that... ;)

Catching up on Fear the Walking Dead. This one is easier to watch than The Walking Dead. I guess I'm not as invested in the characters, maybe? It just doesn't seem as tense. I have to admit that I've get a fist in my stomach every time I think about the season premiere on Sunday. It's just so intense and the season ender did not leave things in a good place. Like at all.

It was raining yesterday so I didn't get to the Gatineau's to see the leaves. Turns out that might have been okay. Apparently there were so many people that the parking lots were all slammed and it took hours to get parked and to get in and out of them. Happily there are plenty of beautiful trees in my immediately neighbourhood, not to mention there's lots of woods in and around Ottawa that I can visit and observe leaves.

Yesterday was warm and muggy and it felt very close - there didn't seem to be any air moving and I was hot. Today is a little cooler and clear, making it feel much nicer. Almost cold. To this I say yay! Tomorrow and Wednesday look like they might be on the hotter than I'm happy about side, but it's only two days and then we settle into real fall weather. Today is just stunning and I'd like a couple month's worth, please!

I am a sour candy freak. They're just never sour enough or sour for long enough. You get the outside off and they turn sweet. I had found those raspberry puckers at IKEA, but the last couple of times I picked them up, they weren't very sour at all. They are still really good from a gummy standpoint, but they're only a tiny bit sour.

Have you got a sour candy you love?

Why yes, I am trolling for suggestions that'll make me pucker.

I hope your Monday is going well!

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