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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Smutterday - Time Out

As it's just out on it's own on all the distributors this past week, I thought I'd share a smutty excerpt from Time Out, my story from the His Rules anthology.

Time Out

Val and Chaz broke up after Chaz safeworded unnecessarily during a scene. Can they find a way to come back together?

A few months ago, Chaz safeworded during a scene, just because he was feeling neglected and bitchy. Val was understandably upset that his sub lied, and the two of them split up. Now it’s months later and Val is miserable to be around, so his friend sends him to his private lake house to vacation and get over himself. At least, that’s what Val thinks is happening. In reality, Chaz has also been lured to the lake house and is waiting there so they can hopefully get back together.

Despite his shock at finding Chaz at the lake house, Val decides to do a scene. Will it be the last scene they share or will they find a way to move past what happened?

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Smutty Excerpt:

“Jingle bells, Sir.” Chaz held a ribbon decorated with a half-dozen bells in his left hand. All he would need to do was ring them or drop the ribbon and everything would stop.

“Perfect.” With that, Val pushed the gag between Chaz’s lips again. Then he took a step back, admiring the naked man tied up in front of him. He could take his frustration out on this fine little body, then send the son of a bitch home.

Chaz’s cock was hard, leaking at the tip and bound, the ribbon at the base of it red and tied like a bow on top of a Christmas gift. The sweet nipples had been stimulated, too, played with so they were swollen and standing at attention, the very air no doubt almost unbearable.

While Val appreciated the attention to details, it made him growl to think of someone else getting his boy in such a state, even if it had been done for him. He flicked one nipple, wanting it to burn, to sting like fire because of his touch. Chaz’s indrawn breath around the gag told him that he’d done it.

“You should have avoided nipple torture if you wanted to play with me. You know how I love it.”

And he knew how Chaz loved it. Which, of course, was why they’d been prepped for him. He imagined that had been Chaz’s idea, not Bailey’s. Chaz knew exactly what he liked.

Val pushed one thumb against Chaz’s left nipple, and the other against Chaz’s right clavicle. He was going to leave bruises. Beautiful bruises so Chaz would remember this for a long time. Val wanted Chaz to remember what he’d lost.

He watched the lovely eyes watching him, watched the hunger and need in them flare as he dug his fingers into Chaz’s flesh. The spots he left were white at first, then filled with a dark rose flush. Groaning, he leaned in and licked first at Chaz’s collarbone, lapping at his skin and pressing with his tongue to stimulate the abused flesh. Then he moved to Chaz’s nipple, pulling the whole thing into his mouth and sucking as hard as he could, using his teeth to scrape, to promise the bite that was coming.

Then he bit, letting Chaz feel the sharpness. He followed that up with more sucking, needing this—the taste of Chaz in his mouth, the feeling of that nipple so firm for him, the small movements Chaz made—far more than he would like to admit. He crushed Chaz against the smooth wood of the cross, making his boy feel it all—back and front.

Fuck, it was intoxicating. Chaz always had been.

Pushing his thoughts aside, Val continued to grind into Chaz, loving that he was dressed while Chaz was naked, knowing the scrape of his clothing against Chaz’s most sensitive skin was arousing as fuck, that the press of his belt buckle would leave marks.

He moved his mouth to Chaz’s other nipple, biting at his skin along the way. With each of his nips, Chaz tried to thrust into him, to bring their bodies together, but the ropes held Chaz too well for any real movement. Just how he liked his boy.

This was his game. His rules.

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