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Friday, July 8, 2016

Random Friday

I honestly don't know where the week went. Just seriously blink and it's Friday.

I have been hot all week long. Next week isn't looking any nicer. The week after that looks mildly better, but I know that they always hold out a couple nice days at the end of the two week period - they do the same thing in the winter, only showing it as a relief from the cold. And that day just stays at the end of the two week forecast, like we aren't going to notice it never actually comes to fruition.

There was ice on the pipes of the air conditioner outside. So I've turned it off and am waiting for it to melt. I'm hoping it just got itself overworked and that it'll be fine once it unfreezes. In the meantime at least it isn't nearly as hot today yet as they said it would be and there's no sunshine. And I've got a fan running to keep the air moving.

All Romance Ebooks took a bunch of my paranormal books from Amber Quill and Torquere. The first ones will be out in September and I have the cover for A Private Hunger. Isn't it yummy?

I'm thinking about going to to The Secret Life of Pets this weekend. It's an adorable looking movie. And I liked the Minion movie, so I have hopes for this one.

Is anyone else watching Battle Bots? I love this show. From the battle announcer to all the bots and their geek builders. It is so much fun. And it's really neat to see what works best - how the defense and offense makes a difference, along with what type of offense they've got. It would be a fun thing to use in a book. There could be two guys from different battle bot teams who want to hook up, but they just can't because they're on opposing teams, but they really want to. A modern day Romeo and Juliet, with battle bots.

I hope everyone has wonderful stuff planned for the weekend - have a great one :)

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  1. Love BattleBots. I was so disappointed when WitchDoctor did so poorly against Red Devil. If they had attacked at an angle rather like Minotaur had done earlier, they might have had more success. Can't wait for next week's clashes in the 32!