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Monday, August 1, 2016

August Book News

Lots of book stuff for August.

First - all of my self-published titles at All Romance Ebooks are 25% off from August 1 - August 15! That's all of them -- the brand new ones and the reprints!

Blowing Smoke is now available for download at All Romance Ebooks.

Blowing Smoke

Do dragons have soul mates?

Brinley Adams is pleased to get a job as assistant to elusive and reclusive billionaire Lindrom Drage. That the job requires him to live in the man’s home in the country is only a bonus. While he’s not exactly running away, he’s trying to leave behind a crazy, stalking ex, and Drage’s isolated home might be just the place to hide.

Lindrom Drage, known at home as Dragon, just wants an assistant who works out for longer than a month or two. He’s already gone through several in the last year, and he wants someone who can do the job and put up with his refusal to deal with anything that takes him out of his home. But when he meets Brin, he suddenly wants so much more than just a work assistant.

Brin feels the pull between them as strongly as Dragon does, but Brin doesn’t know Dragon’s true secret – the man is actually a dragon and he believes that Brin is his mate. The trick is going to be convincing Brin that neither of them is crazy, and that not only are dragons real, so are soul mates.

Buy links:
All Romance Ebooks

I am writing a new (novel length) series with Pride Publishing, called Immortal Ink. Beaudelaire Delacourte is a vampire. He’s also a tattoo artist who inks magical creatures with a special immortal ink. There’s no telling who will enter his shop next or what adventures his clients will bring with them.

The first book in the series - Reclaiming - will be available for pre-order tomorrow. It'll be available for early download on the Pride Publishing bookstore on August 16, and out on the distributors on September 13.


Beau thought Aaron was dead to him… Imagine his surprise when his former lover slinks into his tattoo shop.

Eight months ago, vampire Beaudelaire Delacourte had it all. As a tattoo artist, he used his special ink and spells to permanently tattoo other immortals and spent countless hours feeding and indulging in BDSM with his human lover, Aaron. Then he asked to turn Aaron so his lover could join him permanently, but Aaron refused, not willing to give up his humanity.
Since then, Beau has kept his head down and stayed in his shop, only interacting with his clients who all come for his special brand of ink.

When Aaron shows up on his doorstep, half-dead and apologizing, Beau is shocked to learn that his boy was turned at the local vampire club by Stephan, another vampire. Not only was Aaron turned, but his chest was torn open, his fangs were broken and he was left in an alley to die. Spurred by the need to see Beau one last time, Aaron has been hiding in an abandoned building until he found the strength to make it to Beau’s shop.

Beau takes his boy in again, promising that Aaron will earn his place back in Beau’s bed, and vowing that he will take revenge on Stephan. Unbeknownst to Beau, Aaron is only the first in a long line of humans who Stephan has created then turned out to fend for themselves. As Beau discovers that this is only one of the old rules that Stephan has broken, he and Aaron are drawn into a web of intrigue that can only end in someone’s death.

Pre-order it starting August 2

The next book in the Iron Eagle Gym series is available for pre-order and will be available for download (everywhere) on August 22. This one has appearances by some of the characters in the first two books, but it is a stand alone story.

The Luckiest Master

When Master Damien Richardson (Day to his friends) takes over the front desk manager job at the Iron Eagle Gym, he knows he’s going to need an assistant. But finding the right person for the job is harder than he thought it would be. When he meets Saw, he thinks he’s found the solution to all his problems, and maybe something more.

Sawyer Whitehead lost his master to a tragic car accident some yeas ago, and since then one opportunity after another has gone sour on him. Thoroughly convinced he’s cursed and a jinx to everything and everyone her touches, he refuses to officially become Day’s assistant because he knows that as soon as he does, something terrible will happen. He’s even more determined not to get involved with Day, despite his attraction, because it would kill him to be responsible for tragedy befalling the lovely man.

Day must convince Saw that he’s not cursed and that together, they can face any challenge that comes their way—in both their professional and personal partnerships.

Currently on pre-order at Dreamspinner Press

And finally, for the Amber Quill reprint titles - the paranormals will be re-released with All Romance Ebooks over the next few months, but the rest I put into collections and have put them up on All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.


Dirty Kisses, Volume 1 is five contemporary stories and available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

Dirty Kisses, Volume 2 is three contemporary stories and available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon


Revving it Up contains for stories that feature BDSM and is available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

At the Office contains three stories that feature BDSM and people who work in offices. It is also available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

The last volume - Welcome to Love - is reprints of the books Amber Quill took as reprints. This one has quite a few stories in it, all contemporaries (when they were written!)

It will be available on All Romance Ebooks and Amazon by the weekend.

So that's my August book information! Lots of goodies to read at the beach or in your armchair hiding from the heat (if you're me!)

Happy August to all!

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