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Monday, November 30, 2015

My God It's Monday

And Cyber-Monday at that. I've got to admit, shopping online is a lot less of a hassle than shopping in person...

One of the neat things about this time of year in New Mexico is the weather is quite similar to the weather back home in Ottawa. Some days have been cooler here, some days have been cooler there, but on the whole, the average has been around the same. It's funny because you'd think it would be much warmer here, but it isn't. Now, January and February are likely to be a different story. I do believe Ottawa will definitely be much colder. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Today's been a word day, doing bits and pieces that need filling out and handing in, getting some edits done and prepping a couple of stories for submission. The first of the month always has a book if not two due in, so month's end always winds up being busy.

Smutty Advent starts tomorrow! Have I mentioned lately how much I love this tradition? Well, I do. I'm a big fan of advent calendars of all sorts and I love that I create one for my readers :)

My favorite kind of chocolate is currently chocolate with caramel and a pinch of sea salt. It can have nuts, but I prefer it to where there's just enough chocolate to hold the caramel together. Purdy's has these sweet georgia browns -- and the mini ones are especially nice.

Lots of things are available tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday and I shall squeal about all of them as they become available.

Okay, something smells great in the BA/Julia kitchen. I'm going to go find out what.

Happy Monday!

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