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Friday, November 13, 2015

Random Friday

Been a busy week as I try to get as much done as possible before I leave. Unbelievably, it's only five days until I go. Time really does zoom by so damn fast! I know I say it a lot but for some reason it keeps surprising me! I know it shouldn't at this point.

Window Dressing is out for pre-order! It's officially out on December 1 (and I believe it'll go live at Amazon at the same time as it does All Romance Ebooks), but you can pre-order it now at All Romance.

Window Dressing

Will Finn and Jared recapture what they lost in time for Christmas?

Finnegan Gables moved away six years ago, leaving behind his friends, the city he grew up in, and his lover, Jared McNaughtly. They weren’t ready for a commitment then, but now Finn’s back and hoping to rekindle their Dom and sub relationship…if he can find Jared, that is.

Jared’s not had an easy time of it since Finn left. His one attempt at staying in the lifestyle resulted in a stalker, forcing him to change all his contact information and move to a new apartment. He’s disillusioned enough to have left the lifestyle altogether.
A chance crossing of their paths bring them together the week before Christmas. Can they move past their separation and everything that’s happened in the last six years to find a Merry Christmas together?

You can preorder it here.

I shall do a smutty excerpt for it tomorrow!

Also coming later today will be Dom, Sub and Boy: Beginning. I shall be shouting out the links and bouncing as soon as it's up on All Romance Ebooks and then Amazon. I'm very excited. This is my first novel that I'll be self-publishing! It's a threesome and BDSM, with a master with a sub and a boy... or at least that's what he wants to have!

I got caught in the rain yesterday. That's the only thing I don't like about the fall, is the rain is nasty to be caught out in it. Snow is an entirely different animal, so once it's cold I far prefer the white stuff. I was out in it for about a half hour, too, so I was utterly soaked and not wearing any time of rain great at all and nothing warm, because it's being unseasonably warm for November here. Ah well, it's my lesson to not go out without an umbrella if it's overcast!

So it's Friday, so TGIF, and I decided to use the pic I used on Facebook and another one. Because hey, it's Friday and that's a great opening salvo for it, and if you're not having a Friday (ie have to work tomorrow) then it's a great consolation prize ;)

Okay, so I really should shift my ass and get to work. The items on my to do list are not going to suddenly start checking themselves off as I have discovered through experience ;) So I must have at it.

Have a great weekend if you're having one, and if you're not, hang in there until you do!

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  1. Have a Great weekend! You gave us a Great TGIF! Love from Alaska

  2. Hope you had a fantastic Friday <33333