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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stuff on a Wednesday

Let's see, I've got pre-orders here, pre-orders there. Lots of publishers have things on sale. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Friday is "Black Friday" so I'm sure there will be sales then, too. I thought I'd conglomerate some of the stuff here.

Torquere Press has a sale on their entire catalog - 25% today, tomorrow and Friday with the coupon code Thankful2015

You can find my books at Torquere, new and old, here.

It also includes the pre-order of Combine, a Hammer novel (which will be available on December 9).

All of my books at Amber are 50% off until December 1, including the two newest ones A Vampire of His Own and Finding The Way Home. You can find them here.

The New Boy, the first book in my new BDSM series, Iron Eagle Gym, is currently available for pre-order and will be out on December 4.

The second one in this series, The Perfect Boy, has already been accepted and I'm wrapping up the next story in the series, which currently is only titled Gym 3. My working titles are very simple (and sometimes don't even really have anything to do with the story by the end!).

This series will be very much like the Hammer books, where characters will have cameos, but for the most part, each novel will stand alone. I'm very excited to be sharing the boys of the Iron Eagle Gym with you.

Window Dressing is a holiday story and it's up for pre-order on All Romance. It'll be out for Download on December 1! It's also available at Amazon.

Speaking of All Romance, Cupcakes is currently on sale there for 25% off until the end of November. 

Then there's The Biker's Dom, which is Trig's story. It's on pre-order as well. It'll be available for download on Pride Publishing in early December and on the distributors at the beginning of January.

In my list of books to write, I want to do novels for both Whip and Nicky, and Trig and his new man, following them home from the Carnivale and sharing their developing relationships.

I want to do a holiday story post for you guys, too, but I'm waiting on one of the covers. I may just wind up doing it and having the one book without a cover. In the meantime, Happy Humping Day!!

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