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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dom, Sub and Boy: Beginning

Coming next week is my first self-published full length novel. And with the cover on this post and as the background, it's a lot of purple, but when I change the background again, there needs to be a cover on this post, so I'm going to go with it. Besides, I love the cover that Kris Norris did for me!

Dom, Sub and Boy: Beginning

Grant and Mark have a great relationship. They’ve been in a Dom/sub relationship for a number of years, they’re in love, and they each need what the other has to give. Mark is an ER surgeon, brilliant and driven, while Grant is a successful businessman in his own right.

When Grant sells off his company and retires in his mid-thirties, things change. He and Mark are as committed as ever, but Grant now has so much more time on his hands while Mark is busier than ever at the hospital. With nothing else to occupy him, Grant yearns for a twenty-four-seven boy, while Mark worries he’s not enough for his passionate Dom. Could bringing in a third, be what they both need to round out their lives?

Mark’s best friend Ting just might fit the bill, but how to Grant and Mark bring the topic up with each other, let alone Ting himself?

It'll be out at the end of next week - I do love Friday the 13ths! and it'll be available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.


 Chapter One

“Doctor Almon! Doctor Almon, wait!”

Oh, fuck a doodle doo. Mark was on the end of twenty-six hour shift and he had plans, damn it. Plans. Still, he stopped, because that’s what you did. You took care of business.

“Yes, Jackie?”

“I need you to sign this before you go.” The head nurse hurried up, short hair dyed bright orange. “Just one signature and I promise not to call you in. Jim’s on call and Amy and Peter are working, so you ought to be safe.”

“God, don’t say that. I’ll be hauling my ass in here over and over.” Mark totally believed in not jinxing himself.

“We all know you need your beauty sleep, Doc. We won’t call you.”

“Please. I haven’t gotten laid in weeks.” He winked at her, signed the order, and handed it back. “See ya!”

“Doc!” She laughed. “Get out of here before anyone else sees you.”

He waved and ran to his bike, unlocked it and headed out, Fallout Boy blaring in his earphones. His phone rang when he was a couple blocks from the hospital and he hit the Bluetooth connection, the music disappearing and Grant’s voice replacing it.

“Baby, if you’re still at the hospital, I’m coming to get you and I may have to have a word with your boss.”

“On the way.” His heart was slamming against his ribs. “Be there in ten.”

Like Grant would talk to his boss. They had an agreement and they didn’t interfere in each other’s work. Now that Grant was retired, he possibly needed to remind Grant that hospital visits were for dropping off meals, clean clothes and picking him up. Retired. At thirty-six. It seemed a bit ridiculous, but Grant had built his business, then sold it for a ton of money.

Mark was so fucking proud it hurt.

A car honked and zipped by, almost knocking him over.

“Watch out, you fuckmonkey!”

The guy gave him the finger and roared down the road. Jerk. Mark didn’t have time for an accident. He had plans tonight. Ting was coming over and there would be games and wine and laughter.

First, though? Shower. Orgasm. Nap.

Mark pulled up into the driveway, the garage door open for him. Looked like he wasn’t the only one who was eager.

He wheeled in, closed the garage, and took his shoes off, stripped his scrubs off too and popped them and the extras from his locker in the washer. Honestly, they needed to find a new housekeeper. Someone to take care of the little things.

He’d bring it up with Grant. After the whole shower and orgasm thing.

There was a note on the door into the kitchen. “Master bath. Be naked. Be ready.” 

Well, he had the naked part down, that was for sure. He grabbed two beers and a handful of grapes before heading down the hall.

There was already steam coming out of the bathroom, and Grant was as naked as Mark was when he went in. Grant was a fucking stud, tall and muscled. Sexy as hell.

“I brought us each a beer, babe.”

Grant turned to look at him. “The Moosehead, I hope. The IPA is in the fridge for Ting. He likes that light stuff.”

“You spoil him.” Of course Mark had brought the Moosehead.

“I try to make sure our guest is happy. You’re the one I try to spoil. You don’t make it easy, though.” Grant took a long drink from one of the bottles, then took both and set them on the shelf in the shower before drawing him in.

“Hey.” Mark lifted his face, desperate for a kiss.

Grant gazed into his eyes, hands coming up to cup his cheek. For the longest time Grant simply stared at him, then he smiled and said “Hey” back before bringing their lips together.

His soft cry surprised Mark, torn from him. Finally he was home and he could need.

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