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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Smutterday - Dom, Sub, and Boy: Beginning

The last smutterday excerpt I did with these guys didn't include Ting, so I thought I should do one that did :)

Dom, Sub and Boy: Beginning

Grant and Mark have a great relationship. They’ve been in a Dom/sub relationship for a number of years, they’re in love, and they each need what the other has to give. Mark is an ER surgeon, brilliant and driven, while Grant is a successful businessman in his own right.

When Grant sells off his company and retires in his mid-thirties, things change. He and Mark are as committed as ever, but Grant now has so much more time on his hands while Mark is busier than ever at the hospital. With nothing else to occupy him, Grant yearns for a twenty-four-seven boy, while Mark worries he’s not enough for his passionate Dom. Could bringing in a third be what they both need to round out their lives?

Mark’s best friend Ting just might fit the bill, but how do Grant and Mark bring the topic up with each other, let alone Ting himself?

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smutty excerpt:

“I know we said we wouldn’t rush you and we won’t. But Mark needs to go to work soon and if you wanted to love on him…” Grant’s words trailed away.

“I want to, but… Mark, do you want to?” Ting asked.

“I don’t want to push you into anything.” God, yes, Mark wanted to.

“We’ve told you what we want, Ting. The next move is yours,” Grant insisted.

Ting looked at Grant, then pushed into Mark’s arms, kissing him hard, like Ting hadn’t in years. Mark wrapped his arms around Ting automatically, the kiss fierce and needy and stunning. Ting moaned, fingers digging into his scalp, rubbing hard.

Grant moaned and Mark’s prick felt diamond hard, his balls aching. Ting rocked against him, rubbing hard and fast enough to start a fire.

“I want you to suck Mark, Ting,” Grant ordered. “I want you to make him shoot.”

Mark groaned as Ting immediately wriggled off his lap. He reached for Ting, his head spinning.

What was he doing?

“Yes, like that,” murmured Grant. “Open his pants and take out his cock.”

Mark spread his thighs, looking at Grant. Grant smiled at him, eyes full of love.

Then Grant looked down at Ting. “Suck him, Ting.”

Mark shivered. That was Grant’s ‘“Master voice’”.

“I’d love to.” Ting took him in, sucked him in one fell swoop. Grant’s pleased moan echoed his own. His balls drew up, the pressure huge, sharp. Fine.

“Mmm. You’re going to push him over quickly, boy,” Grant told on him. “He’s primed for you.”

Ting stroked his thighs, the touch warm and feather light. Grant moved to kneel behind Ting, leaning over him to kiss Mark. He grabbed his lover, pouring his desire and tension into the kiss. Ting was caught between them and sucking him like a pro. There was no way to last. No way. So Mark didn’t try, he let himself go, shooting into Ting’s hungry mouth.

Ting swallowed him down, moaning. Mark gasped, sucking in breaths.

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  1. Yep ... another keeper ... book, that is ... hee hee

  2. Mmm almost missed seeing this one. Very nice :D