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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Iron Eagle Gym: The New Boy available for Pre-Order

My newest BDSM series from Dreamspinner is now available to pre-order!

Book 2 has already been contracted, to be out in the spring, and I am two thirds of the way through book 3!

The New Boy (Iron Eagle Gym #1)

Lance Packet just got a contract to shoot an erotic BDSM deck of cards; the only problem is finding models. So far everyone he’s interviewed thinks he’s looking for sex for hire. Then in walk three perfect examples of men: Tide and his friends, Tyrone and Bran.

Tide Germaine is a model and a Dom. He and his best friend Tyrone opened The Iron Eagle Gym as a place for gay men in the lifestyle to work out, do scenes, and congregate with like-minded men. The modeling is just another job for Tide, but it soon turns into a grand seduction as Tide falls for the shy, self-conscious photographer. The problem is Lance doesn’t believe he’s in Tide’s league, and he’s not at all sure about the Dom and sub thing.

It’s not going to be easy, but Tide’s going to have to convince Lance he belongs at Tide’s side as both lover and sub.

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Chapter One

Lance was so fucking tired of uppity assholes and psychopaths who thought “male fetish model” meant “I pay for sex.”

He’d interviewed a dozen guys and they’d all been utter assholes and utterly not photogenic. He had a client willing to pay enough to cover his rent for three years for a deck of BDSM cards. A whole deck worth of images. All he needed were some hot, gorgeous guys willing to get kinky in front of the camera.

He wasn’t holding out a lot of hope for this upcoming interview either. Tide. Who the fuck was called Tide? A porn star, that was who.

Lance was tempted to just cancel the fucking interview. But damn, three years’ rent. Three years to build his business. Who could fucking walk away from that?

Still, he sat a few more minutes and was actually about to get up and leave when three guys walked into the coffee shop.

Oh God. They were stunning. A big black man, a small platinum-blond super-tanned twink, and the most beautiful man he’d ever fucking seen.

Oh please be here for me, he thought. Pretty please.

The beautiful one with the blue eyes looked over at him and smiled, headed his way. “Lance Packet?”

Oh, fucking A. Yes.

“I am.” Lance stood up, held out his hand. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Tide. The same. This is Tyrone and Bran.”

Tide’s hand was big, swallowing his up in the most amazing grip.

“Tide.” Whoa. These guys were stunning and Lance was… so totally not.

Tide pulled up the chair next to him, while Tyrone pulled out the other two, making sure Bran was seated before sitting himself.

“So you’re doing an erotic calendar?” Tide asked, taking the initiative.

“No. No, I’m doing a deck of cards. A fetish deck.” With leather and chains and anal and…. God, he was never going to survive this. Not with these stunning men as potential models.

“Really? Oh, that sounds very interesting.” Tide had an amazing voice, low and warm.

“I have a few questions. Uh. You’re comfortable with that idea? Fetish, I mean. This client has very specific ideas.” Lance pushed over the illustrations his client had sent.

Tide looked at them and hummed, then passed them to Tyrone and Bran.

Lance knew he was blushing, but he couldn’t help it. These guys were the first ones who seemed like they might be anywhere close to workable, and they were sexy as hell.

“These are ambitious. You’ll need the right people to pull them off.” Tyrone sounded like he knew what he was talking about. “You need three people who are… close.” Tyrone looked at Tide and grinned.

“Yes. I need men who aren’t ashamed of their bodies or their arousal.”

Tyrone stroked Bran’s shoulder, like he was petting a big cat. “There is no shame for us in what we do. And we’ve worked with Tide before, giving demonstrations. Some in these exact poses.”

“I’m imagining a few sessions to get all the poses and then one for reshoots. That is, if you’re willing, of course.” Lance couldn’t believe he had possibly found exactly the men he needed. He just might get that payday after all.

“It looks like it’s going to be a fascinating collection in the end,” Tide noted.

Tyrone nodded, nudged Bran. “Boy?”

“It looks exciting, Master. Truly. But only if it’s for art, not porn.”

Master? Had Bran said Master?

“Yeah, we don’t do porn.” Tide shot the comment in Lance’s direction.

“This is for a private collection. I’m selling him the deck, a single deck, not the original files.” Those were his.

“We’d want a copy of the deck as well.” Tide looked through the sketches again. “And a guarantee that any other prints would need to be approved by us.”

“I can offer that. I mean, if it goes well, I mean, I’d totally be open to hiring you for more photos.” Lance took a deep breath and told himself to get it together. “I mean, would you guys like a coffee?”

Tide smiled warmly. “Sure. I’d love a coffee.”

Tyrone pulled out his wallet and handed Bran a twenty. “You know what we like, boy.”

“I’ve got it,” Lance insisted. “You just want a drip or what?” He was so nervous he couldn’t hold it together. Professional. Totally professional. He was entirely professional.

“Don’t worry about it. Bran likes feeling useful.” Tyrone grabbed Bran’s hair and pulled his head back for a kiss.

Lance stared, the full-on kiss shocking. Oh God. Don’t spring a woody. Don’t.

When the kiss was over, Bran got up, looking smug, and Tyrone swatted him on the ass.

“Show-off,” Tide muttered.

Suddenly Lance wasn’t sure if he was supposed to get Tide’s coffee or not.

Tyrone chuckled, settling back in his chair and turning his attention back to Lance. “So when are you wanting to do this and how much do you pay?”

“I can pay you each two thousand dollars and I’d like to get all the pictures done in four or five days, with the option of picking up an extra day if I go through it and find I don’t have enough pictures for all fifty-two cards.”

Tide and Tyrone looked at each other, some sort of silent communication going on between them. Then Tide turned back to him again, smiled. “We need a contract, of course, but we’re in.”

“Do you mind if I take a few shots today, just to check things?” He had the contracts with him and he pushed them across the table.

Tyrone took them and started reading them over.

It was Tide who answered him. “I think doing a few shots today is a great idea. It’ll let us see how you work, what we can expect.”

“It doesn’t have to be formal. We’ve got a nice sun.”

“Yeah? There’s a park across the street and Bran no doubt got our coffees to go.”

“Okay. Cool. Let me grab another drink and I’ll meet you guys in the park.” Lance couldn’t believe he was actually going to get to shoot these amazing studs.

“You got it.”

Tyrone gathered up the contracts and stood, arm going around Bran as he got back to their table with three takeout coffee cups. “We’re going to the park, boy.”

“Yes, Master.” Not even a question. Not a worry.

The contrast of their skin was amazing too; they complemented each other beautifully and would photograph stunningly.

“Quite the pair, aren’t they?” Tide asked.

“They’re striking together, yes.”

Tide went with him to the counter. “So how did you come across this particular project?”

“I have a client who recommended me. We worked together in college and she thought I’d be the right choice for the job. I sent my resume and portfolio, and he loved my work.” It was just like getting any other job, but with way more cock.

“You do a lot of nude males?” Tide handed the cashier a five, paying for his coffee.

“Oh. I. Thank you.” How dear. “I’ve done some. I mostly do fine art pieces.”

“You’ll have to show me your portfolio.” Tide sounded genuinely interested.

“Of course.” Absolutely. That was totally reasonable.

Tide put his hand on Lance’s lower back as they headed out of the coffee shop and it felt like he’d been hit with a live wire.

Don’t spring wood. Think about mud. Bugs. Roadkill. It occurred to him that he was going to have to jack off thirty times before he shot these guys.

They joined Tyrone and Bran across the street in the park, the sunlight highlighting the way they contrasted each other.

Lance nodded. “Like I said, these are totally just quick shots. I just want to”—have some distance between me and you gorgeous bastards—“see what turns up.”

He pulled his camera out and started shooting, not worrying about the light or much of anything. It was where he felt most comfortable anyway, and it was way easier to feel professional with the lens between him and these stunning men.

“You want us to do anything in particular?” Tide asked, seeming unconcerned about the camera.

“No. No, just hang out. No worries.”

“You sure?” asked Tide. “No kissing? Posing?”

At the word kissing, Tyrone and Bran totally locked lips.

Lance let himself just shoot and not be a part of it, not think about anything but shapes and angles and light. It was so much safer back here.

“Way to make everyone else jealous,” teased Tide, rolling his eyes.

Laughing, Tyrone grabbed the collar of Tide’s T-shirt and pulled him into a kiss that looked like it should have smoke.

This was going to be the best fucking set of shots ever. Lance couldn’t wait to see the results.

When the kiss broke, he got an amazing shot of them looking at each other, fondness in their eyes. He’d let them have that one. Obviously they were all… close.

Tide began mugging after that, doing typical model poses for him. Lance chuckled. There was something about Tide, something bright and fascinating. The man was looking at him through the lens, too. Like Tide could see right through it.

No. No way. This was his defense against the world.

Still, he felt Tide’s slow, easy smile all the way to his toes. Lance sighed softly. God, that was pretty.

Tyrone and Bran sat together on the grass, talking quietly.

“So. I’ve got Tide’s e-mail. Can you guys all let me know, after you read your contracts, if you’re interested and when good times are? I have a budget for supplies, but I’ll have to get with my client to see exactly what he’d be interested in.”

“We have some of the things you might need,” Tyrone told him. “So don’t buy anything without checking first.”

“Absolutely. I’m sure someone has a list.” Lance knew in general what might be a BDSM prop, but he was sure his client had some specific ideas and he was in no way an expert on the topic himself.

“You don’t have a list of your own? We’ll supply you with one,” Tyrone offered.

Lance shook his head, though. Like he had any idea what exactly they’d need. He’d put that on the client and pick up what was needed once he had that in hand. He’d been having so much trouble finding the right guys for the work, he hadn’t asked for a list, feeling it would have been premature—putting the cart before the horse.

Tide took his hand. “We’ve got you covered.”

His hand began to sweat, to tremble. “Th-thanks.”

“We’ll e-mail you our agreement and contracts later today,” Tyrone suggested.

“Sounds good. Let me know when you’re free, and we’ll make arrangements.”

“We sure will.” Tide gave him a once-over that he could totally feel.

“I should go. I’m so glad you guys showed. So glad.” Utterly freaking out, but glad.

“It was really nice to meet you. Dream of us.” Tide looked at him like he was edible.

“I. What?” He lifted his camera, putting it between them and shooting a picture.

“The project,” Tide said. “Dream up all the poses you want so we’re all ready to go.”

“Yes. Yes, of course. Have a great day. Thank you.”

Looking at him through the lens, Tide brought his hand up and kissed the back of it. “Thank you.”

“Oh. I. Bye. Good-bye.”

He waved and ran, his cock hard as nails. Forget thirty times, he was going to have to jack off a million times before they shot anything at all.