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Monday, March 23, 2015

My God It's Monday

The fan on my computer has begun to run fairly loudly, and it has started making odd noises. It might be time to look at a new computer. Of course a less scorched earth solution would be to open it up and spray out the fan, making sure the problem isn't simply a bunch of dust.

I blogged over at the Romance Studio's blog today. And later this week I will be at Totally Bound's blog (on the 25th). Maybe I'll get that one done in advance. I try very hard to be organized and to have all my dates written down and to do posts in advance. Some weeks I am better at this than others. Fewer weeks than I'd like! I have gotten better about missing dates I'm supposed to be blogging, though - it happens less often than it used to. Being organized is not my forte, but I keep trying.

This week will be head down and writing week as there are several books with April 1 deadlines and another couple with April 15 deadlines. Mind you, I am better at hitting those than I am at being organized!

I watched a bunch more Sons of Anarchy this weekend. It's one of those shows that you keep saying, just one more, every time you finish an episode. I'm sort of watching it like a train wreck at this point - waiting to see just how bad things are going to get before everyone goes down in a blaze. I find it interesting that there isn't a real hero in this story. Perhaps there shall be some redemption by the end of the series.

They cut a tree that was dying down out behind the house. I know it had to go because, as I said, dying, but it's so much brighter in here now without it which I do not like. And now where are the birds, squirrels and the odd raccoon supposed to go? Oh, there's plenty of other trees farther back and in the neighbourhood, but none of them are right outside the window...

Okay. Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Sorry for the tree loss. Have you planted a replacement? Get on that! Thanks for letting us know where you are blogging. Now ... most importantly ... get writing & editing. Your birds out here need our tree to roost in while we read! ;)

    1. Not yet. Technically the tree was just outside the neighbour's back fence, but it brought us a ton of shade and I'm still sitting in my chair in the morning going, oh man, it's so bright!

  2. Bummer about the tree :((( Maybe you could get a nice size replacement?

    Good luck with all the upcoming deadlines <333

    1. We'll no doubt start with something small -- it's in a good spot to grow quickly.

      Thanks on the luck - I managed to hit the April 1 ones, now to get the April 15 ones dealt with...