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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Watched two movies this weekend.

The first was Twelve Monkeys, which I had seen back when it first came out and while I remembered the general gist, I wanted to see it again in light of the new 12 Monkeys series. I find it fascinating the things that they picked up from the movie and went with for the TV series. My favorite though is that they renamed Kathryn Railley to Cassandra Railley, given that the "Cassandra syndrome" is mentioned a couple of times in the original movie - wherein prophetic (and often valid) warnings are ignored and/or dismissed. Very nice nod to the movie, that.

I really liked the 12 Monkeys series anyway, but having the movie fresh in my head is making me appreciate it even more.

Oh, and Brad Pitt's crazy eyes? He wouldn't even have needed to do all the rest of the crazy stuff with those eyes working for him.

The other movie was The Equalizer with Denzel Washington. Which, based on the ads and what I knew of the movie, I figured was going to be an actiony shoot-em up kind of thing. There was certainly plenty of warnings at the beginning about the strong and bloody violence. Yeah, I turned this one off about two thirds of the way through after I'd dozed off for the third time. I rarely, very rarely, will turn a movie off without watching it through to the end - I have this thing where once I've started the story, I want to see where it goes, even if the movie is fairly crap. So for me to turn this one off with another 30-40 minutes left to go says it all, I think.

The writing credits list two of the guys involved with the television series of the same name from the Eighties, so it has to be based on that. It's a shame, I really enjoyed the TV series version and was hoping this one would be good. And it's not that it wasn't violent, because it was, it was that the story just dragged.

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