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Friday, March 20, 2015

Velvet Stables now out!

So, along with Puppy Love, I did several short stories featuring the other pony and puppy boys at the Velvet Glove. These stories were on the Turn of the Screw subscription service, but were never released anywhere in ebook format. Until now!

I'm so pleased to be able to share the stories featuring these characters with you. And of course there's a bit of a smutty excerpt below the blurbage :)

Velvet Stables

Andy and Bear run the stables and kennels at the Velvet Glove where the puppies and ponies wait to find masters. These five short stories explore their relationships with their own pups – Zim and Zeb – as well as the tale of how their favorite pony – Balfour – finds his very own groom.

Join Andy, Bear, Zim and Zeb as they explore this unusual kink.

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Smutty excerpt:

Andy watched them, then settled in his chair, patting his lap. "Come on, Pup. Let's see your tail."

Last night Zim had earned a hard spanking and a harder plugging, Andy using the sweet body until all the mischief was loved out of him.

Zim leapt onto his lap, tail waggling, rubbing against him, whimpering a little.

"You sore, Pet? Or okay?" He dipped his finger into the salve he kept by his chair, slowing circling Zim's hole, nudging the plug with its tail.

Zim whimpered, pushing back against him. "Both, Master."

"Too sore to be touched?" He slid the tail free, setting it aside, two slick fingers pushing deep, spreading the salve into his pup.

Groaning, Zim rode his fingers. "No, Master. A little sore, but also fine."

Bright eyes looked up at him, soft whimpers sounding.

"Pretty Pup. And were you good all day?" He moved with slow, deep, sure strokes.

"I tried, Master. Very hard." Zim's eyes rolled as Andy hit the little gland.

"Such a sweet pup." He worked that gland again and again, purring low. "Don't spend until I give the word, pup."

"Yes, Master." Zim was rubbing against him, ass high in the air, pushing onto his fingers.

"Good boy, so pretty..." He moaned, cock pressing against his leather. "Missed your presence today in the stables. The ponies were looking for you." All the while he pushed and touched, drawing pleasure from the sweet body.

"Missed them. Missed you. Oh, Master... Master." Zim was rocking, eyes glazed with pleasure.

"Yes, pet. Show me what you need." He added another finger, spreading the tiny hole for him.
Zim yelped and then barked, rocking harder.

"Such a pretty boy.  So fine." Andy's cock was aching, throbbing, wanting to slam into the hot, tight flesh that was his pet.

"Oh. Oh, yours, Master. Yours."

"Yes. Mine. My sweet pup." He could smell Zim's need, feel the hunger in the air.

smut fixes everything


  1. Bought it & in for a great weekend read! You started my Friday off Great!! Thanks!!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know :)