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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Smutterday - Connor's Journey

Was that Saturday that went zooming by at the speed of light? Why yes, I do believe it was! So this weekend, Smutterday will fall on Sunday, ie, today.

Today there will be smut from Connor's Journey, the latest Velvet Glove story that I am self-publishing. I really like how the cover for this one turned out. Connor is the butterfly :)

Connor's Journey

Connor attends a friend's pre-commitment send-off at the Velvet Glove, and he knows he's out of place, but is determined to enjoy his one night among the rich. Then he meets Desmond, a regular member, who wants to show him everything about being a sub if he'll take a five year contract. It beats his old job, but can he do the things Desmond wants him to?

Originally published by Torquere Press.

This one is available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

smutty excerpt:

Connor started by nuzzling his pubic curls, inhaling deeply, hands petting his thighs. "Smell so good..." A surprisingly hot tongue lapped his sacs.

Desmond groaned, hands sliding over Connor's skin. The long heavy hair pooled in his lap, on his thighs, moving and sliding as Connor explored. His cock was slowly licked and nuzzled, lips teasing the big vein along the shaft, the ridge at the tip. Oh, Connor already knew all about taking his time and enjoying what he was doing. He was going to be a delight -- already was a delight.

Once Des was licked and laved and explored, his cock was taken in careful lips, a sweet, slow rhythm starting up. "Oh, Connor Dean, I do like the way you do this."

A moan vibrated his cock, the bright head beginning to bob on his prick. Desmond gave up another groan, Connor's mouth hot and slick and so good. Connor was surprisingly gentle, his touches light and careful, slowly building the pleasure until Desmond's entire shaft was taken in. It was maddening and wonderful. He licked his lips, hands twisting in Connor's hair as the waves of pleasure threatened to overflow.

Connor began humming, the sensation making Desmond's toes curl as Connor's fingers slid around his balls. "Connor... Lyum, yes. Yes." The suction increased, the heat flaring as his balls were rolled, tugged. "Soon, Lyum, soon." Desmond slid his hands down to Connor's shoulders, holding them tightly to avoid taking the man's head in his hands and fucking the sweet mouth. Connor took him down to the root, swallowing hard, demanding his seed.

Desmond cried out, his pleasure shooting from him, making him tingle from head to foot. Connor drank him down, cleaning his cock gently before coming to rest with one cheek on his thigh.
Sliding his hand through Connor's hair, Desmond pushed it off the lovely face. "Connor... that was wonderful. I hope there can be a repeat performance."

Connor hummed softly, blinking slowly, lips red and swollen. "You taste good, Desmond."

"And you are a hedonist. My hedonist, yes?"

Connor nodded against Desmond's thigh, eyes closed. Desmond hummed, fingers sliding on Connor's face, through his hair. "Just think, Connor, as soon as tomorrow we could both be home now, nothing but time and each other ahead of us."

"Is it so easy? Just like that?"

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