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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Radio Boys - out today!

Radio Boys is out today!

This is the third re-release from the Bus Stories and Other Tales anthology. This one features Paul, who is blind and the man who loved his voice before they ever met.

Radio Boys

Paul might be blind, but he has a full life between deejaying at a local radio station and playing on stage with a band a few times a month. It’s been a while since he’s been with anyone, though, and when Thor asks to take him home, he’s not quite sure what to do.

Thor’s been listening to the sexy DJ’s voice for years and is thrilled to finally meet Paul in person. Can his aural fascination grow into more? And will Paul be right there with him?

Originally published in the Bus Stories anthology.

Radio Boys is available here.


         "Hey, we were good?" He settled easily, Bill greeting his dad quickly before disappearing. Probably going to neck with Kathy in the break room. Lucky bastard.
"As always, son. You need to watch the tempo on 'Fools Rush In' and you might gargle tonight and rest your voice before you go on the air tomorrow night, you're a little hoarse, but overall I was pleased." A mug of hot tea was set near his fingers. "We're staying for Kathy's band?"
He nodded. "If you don't mind, yeah."
Paul grinned, settling back and pulling off his tie, popping the top few buttons of his shirt. "Yeah, Dad. Cool."
"Hey there." The voice was that of a stranger, male, young. "Look I'm here by myself and wondering if I could join you if you two aren't expecting anyone else?" He could hear the smile. "Your next round of tea's on me."
Paul grinned and nodded. "Can't deny a man willing to spring for the tea. Have a seat."
"Great, thanks." The guy sat next to him on the bench, close enough they were touching at shoulders and hips. "Oh, I'm Thor. Thor Sorenson."
Warm. Thin, too. And he was a swimmer -- there was a hint of chlorine hidden under the Cool Water cologne.
Paul held out a hand with a smile. "I'm Paul and this is my father, Lew Stearn."
His hand was taken in a loose, easy grip. "Hey Paul, Lew, nice to meet you both."
Thor kept his hand for a moment, stroking it with his fingers. "You've got a great voice."
"Thanks. I've got one hell of a band backing me up and fabulous tunes, so it makes it easy." His hand was tingling, Thor's fingers leaving a warm impression that felt so... God, he needed to find a live body and get laid. The man had only shaken his fucking hand.
"I've got to say you don't look anything like your publicity photos." His hand was finally let go. "I'm from Albrechtville -- listen to your radio show every night if I'm home." Thor laughed a little, the sound rich, from the man's belly. "I recognized the voice but I wasn't sure until you introduced yourself."
His mouth opened and Paul could feel his cheeks heat. He'd been at the radio station for six years, deejaying KBOW's Love Songs, Requests and Lonely-hearts show, and no one had ever recognized his voice. Not even once.
It was Dad who spoke up. "Yeah, I think it's dumb as hell that they won't use my boy's picture -- like anyone would care that a blind guy was a deejay. Idiots. And Paul, you owe me twenty bucks. I told you eventually somebody would recognize you."
"You can't tell me I'm the first one to recognize you by your voice! It's... very distinctive."
Paul chuckled, pleased down to his bones. "People don't tend to listen. The blind thing freaks them out and unless I'm doing..." He dropped his voice a half-octave, letting a little half-growl ride him. "'Good evening, lovely ones. This is Paul Michael Stearn with the Rainbow Room's Loving and Leaving Show', then they don't make the connection."
Thor gave a little shiver and cleared his throat. "Their loss then."
"Thanks. Oh, and thanks for listening to the show, too. I'm a big fan of loyal listeners." He reached for his tea, arm rubbing against Thor's. Mm... muscles. Not like Schwarzenegger muscles, but lean, strong ones. "You a student at Albrecht?"
Thor laughed, the sound cheerful. "I'm not the student type. Swim team coach. I teach diving on the side -- that's my real love, but the coaching pays the bills and then they let me use the pool for my classes."
"Cool." Paul chuckled as Dad gasped and the questions started flying. He listened with half an ear, focusing on the scent of Thor's body and the sound of Thor's voice.

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