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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Puppy Love

One of my favorite of the Velvet Glove books has always been Puppy Love. I fell hard for Tyg and Dane as I wrote them and I'm so glad to be able to self-publish them.

Puppy Love

Who can resist a free room at the Velvet Glove in exchange for rehabilitating an abused puppy? Certainly not Dane, who accepts the offer, but is surprised find that the pup in question is actually Tyg, a young man and sub who was left by his master, in a cage, with no food or water. Tyg needs help and, Dane is the man for the job, even if he's used to working with animals, not humans. Can Dane rehabilitate a human as he would a dog? Does he even want to? As his relationship with Tyg blossoms into something sweet and heartwarming, Dane thinks he just might, but what happens when Tyg's "owner" returns?

Previously published by Torquere Press.

It's available at All Romance Ebooks and coming soon to Amazon -- I'll put in the link as soon as Amazon lets it go live.

Smutty Excerpt:

Tyg ate about half, and then a bite was offered to him, spoon held in trembling fingers.

He bent and took the mouthful, moaning again. "Thank you, Tyg. It's very good, isn't it?”

Tyg nodded. "Like."

"Yeah, me, too." He offered a spoonful from his.

Tyg's tongue slid out, licked the spoon clean.

Dane was struck suddenly by how intimate it was, sharing their spoons. Their desserts were the same, yet they were offering each other tastes.  He kind of liked it.

He offered Tyg another spoonful. Tyg lapped the spoon clean, then moved to lick at his fingers. It was a perfectly natural doggy thing to do. But Tyg wasn't a dog and heat slid through Dane's belly at the touches.

Those eyes kept hold of his, tongue sliding over his palm. He gasped as the heat blossomed.

Tyg stilled, eyes fastened on him, questioning.

He smiled, curled his fingers to stroke Tyg's cheek. "It's all right. Good dog."

Tyg leaned into the touch, a low vibration filling the air.

According to all the documentation he'd read from Mal, most ‘dog’... owners had sex with their ‘puppies’. He hadn't expected... well he wasn't even sure if Tyg was offering, but he was aroused and he cared for Tyg and if that's what Tyg wanted, he was prepared to go there.

Of course he was also prepared for poor Tyg to panic again. Or perhaps the poor pup was merely reaching for comfort.

Dane was going to play it by ear. And at the moment his ear was telling him that Tyg was enjoying his attentions and he was enjoying Tyg's.

Dane kept stroking, murmuring softly, telling Tyg how lovely he was, how good. Tyg was obviously aroused, trying to hide the thick cock between the muscled thighs. Which was a shame because it was a beautiful cock, especially erect. Large and dark; Dane liked them large.

"It's okay, Tyg. I'm aroused as well."

Tyg growled, shifting closer, then pulling away as if caught between aggression and submission.

"We're learning each other, finding our way. You won't be punished for what you do, Tyg. Follow your instincts."

That huge head pushed back into his hands, Tyg's face rubbing into his belly.

"Oh." He dropped his hands to Tyg's head, rubbing and petting. "There, see. We're both feeling good."

Tyg nodded, cheek sliding against him, breath hot against him. "Dane."

He made a soft sound of pleasure, trying very hard not to push up against Tyg. Heat brushed against him, Tyg licking, lapping, nuzzling against his buttons searching for skin.

He unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged out of it, giving Tyg access, moaning at the first touch of Tyg's tongue against him. Tyg was making hungry, needy sounds, licking his nipples, his ribs, his belly. He arched and jerked beneath Tyg's tongue, cock stiff as a board in his pants.

He pushed a hand between them, sliding it along Tyg's chest, finding one of the pup's nipples and stroking. Tyg rippled, hips rocking, almost fucking the air, mouth traveling down to nuzzle his cock.

He stopped what he was doing, long enough to undo his pants, his cock pushing out as he freed it, his breath noisy and gasping. Tyg made a hungry, needy sound, lips dropping over him, taking him in a single motion.

"Oh!" Dane cried out, hands dropping to Tyg's head, fingers trembling as he stroked, encouraged. "Tyg. Good. Oh. Oh." Pleasure was shooting through him, so unexpected, so good.

Head bobbing, mouth and lips and tongue working furiously, Tyg drove him to pleasure with a single-minded intensity.

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  1. This is a great story ... got it when originally published. Have never forgot it!

    1. Thanks, Ann. I just loved writing this one. There's something about Puppy and Pony play that I really enjoy exploring.

  2. Another one of my favorites - if you don't have it, get it NOW!!. i just love Dane and Tyg.

    1. Thanks, Kaytee - so glad you love it!

  3. One of my fav velvet glove stories