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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Movie Tuesday

No new movies watched, either in the theatre or at home, so I thought I'd talk about a couple of my favorite movie franchises: Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

I was 11 when I first saw Star Wars. I remember going to it with my folks on a mid-week day and being utterly wowed. I absolutely loved everything about it. I was already a sci-fi fan and this was just everything I could hope for in a sci-fi movie. I watched Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as soon as they were out.

Then came the big gap and finally Phantom Menace was released. To much fanfare. To too much fanfare. I went from anticipating it to not even caring. Yeah, too much hype tends to have me drawing back instead of rushing forward when it comes to movies. So when opening day rolled around, I wasn't even sure I wanted to see it. So I didn't. Not until August when a friend finally dragged me to it, claiming I'd hate myself forever if I didn't see it on the big screen.

Well, I sit there and the Fox banner flashes across the screen, along with the music and suddenly I am 11 years old again. It was magical. It truly was. And let me tell you, when Obi-Wan tells his master "I've got this" and strides into the hanger during the Queen Amidala and party rescue? Damn.

So while the first one - by which I mean the fourth one - by which I mean "A New Hope" though it will always just be Star Wars to me - is still my very favorite of all six movies. I love all six of them. I really do.

I'm waiting for the seventh with some trepidation and lots of hope. Let's just hope they don't hype it to death for me...

I can't remember how old I was when I went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark. I could look it up, I suppose, as I saw it when it was first released in theatres. What I do remember was being on the edge of my seat for the entire movie and loving every adventurous second of it. When the second one came out, I went again with my family, even though I was teenager enough not to usually go to movies with my parents. The third was eagerly anticipated by my whole family and again, even though we now had to work around university and stuff, we all went together. The only one I didn't see in the theatre with my family was the last one.

The third one is my favorite of the Indy movies, but even more than the individual movies, my favorite thing about them was seeing all three with my family and the anticipation of doing so for the second and the third.

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  1. I FEEL YOUR STAR WARS FEELS. Like, we are kindred spirits. (Although, Phantom Menace was one of those few movies that the hype didn't get me down - I DO UNDERSTAND a movie can be overhyped and so many movies I've ended up not seeing because of that :((( ) But YES to everything you said, being there in the theater and that music...took me right back. It was MAGICAL :D

    Same with Raiders of the Lost Ark - I LOVE the first one, but I really love the third one as well.

    Thanks for this entry, it left me feeling very happy on a day I truly needed it.


    1. thanks for your comments, Katherine and I'm glad the post helped cheery you up!

  2. I took my girls to see STAR WARS & I know I was more stunned then they were. When that battleship was sliding across the screen ... it was heart stopping & mind blowing! I took every kid I could find whose parents wouldn't take them & sat enthralled 21 times!! Own every one of them but the the orginal one holds the warmest spot in my heart. I Loved the first Indiana Jones & the last one! I love how they brought Indie back to Karen Allen as Marion & I liked Shia Lebeouf as his edgy son. I thought Sean Connery as his dad was an excellent choice & I really miss Denholm Elliott as Dr. Marcus Brody. Own this whole series too!

    1. I love that you took all the kids you knew who weren't otherwise going to see it - that's very cool!

  3. I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark with my husband, in NYC. We got into the theater late, and had to sit in the front row - about ten feet from the screen. We had to look up to see the whole screen. The 'Rolling Rock' scene had us pushing back into our seats, feeling like it was coming right at us - it was an amazing experience.
    Thanks for the memory recall!

    1. that sounds really cool! Almost like having it in 3D, eh?