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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Watched the most recent Godzilla this weekend and I have to say I was disappointed. There was a lot of lazy writing -- like let's block the entire bridge for no reason while we're trying to evacuate the city just so we can have this 'tense' scene where the hero's kid is stuck on the bridge. It was slow, I didn't really care about any of the characters, except for Godzilla himself actually and then only the tiniest bit, the action wasn't particularly tense or exciting. Even the fight between the mothra monsters and Godzilla was meh.

I did like the fact that Godzilla was there to deal with the other monsters and not a bad guy per se himself.

But all in all, if I had to pick this one or the 1998 remake with Jean Reno to sit down and watch again, it would definitely be the 1998 remake. I'd only pick the 2014 one if I needed a nap.

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  1. I agree, I love Godzilla movies but the latest one just wasn't good

  2. Welp, I"m going to have to respectfully disagree LOL. I thought this one was A++++ and I'm going to have to side with my kid and my hubs who are Godzilla Aficionado's and agree with them - also, according to Godzilla people the 1998 one is the one that must not be named, they actually refer to it as the GINO film (Godzilla in name only) the Japanese ppl apparently ABHOR the 1998 one. Actually think it's a disgrace to the Godzilla name LOL.

    So I'm going to go with them and say I liked this one, the 1998 won't will not be allowed in our house LOL *rolls eyes* and I'll continue adding to our original ToHo collection of Godzilla movies :D

  3. Heee -- hey that's why they keep making movies, eh? Because everyone has something different that they like. I'm not a huge Godzilla aficionado, so that's possibly why I liked the 1998 version *grins*