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Friday, July 28, 2017

Random Friday

... is random!

  • I have not been in the headspace to be around a lot in social media lately. Part of it is summer, part of it is what's going on in the world, but I'm trying to turn things around.
  • I love that this gay dad-dating game is doing well 
  • I've decided to stop buying bread and have been making everything from hamburger buns to French sticks to more interesting loaves. I am going to try a salsa bread today, which looks like a basic bread, but instead of water, you put in a cup of salsa. It looks super fun.
  • There's just a few more days of Christmas in July specials of 40-66% on 20 of my titles. Find the full list here.
  • I have been loving strawberry season. There is nothing like fresh, local strawberries.
  • I have been watching a bunch of movies - I should do a movie monday round up from the last three weeks or so.
  • I found "zesty bbq" roasted almonds at the store the other day. I am loving these. 
  • I have had a dozen or so raspberries of the little bushes in my garden. Raspberries are such a bright flavored fruit.
  • The writing has been slow this month. I'm blaming summer.
  • I did get the next Iron Eagle Gym novel in, and received a contract for it. So yay for that. Look for The Eager Boy in late spring 2017!
  • I'm trying to give up all pop - so no more ginger ale, which has been my bubbly drink of choice since I gave up coke. I wish I liked bubbly water or tonic water, but I don't. It would make it easier to have something bubbly to replace the pop.
  • I'm also trying to give up chips, so I've been having nuts to replace the chips when I want something saltycrunchy. It's easier to give up the pop and chips at the same time as they kind of go hand in hand.
  • Okay, I need to bake bread and make sure I have something planned for supper. 
  • TGIF!
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