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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Smutterday - Office Hours

This is the third of the three books that are in the anthology At the Office that are now also re-released as single titles. Here is a smutty excerpt for it.

Office Hours

Thad Wells has had enough of lovers. He’s focused on his career -- hell, that’s hard enough, being the young professor fighting for his spot -- so when he, literally, runs into Jay on the green, he finds himself saying, no. No, he’s not interested.

Jay Banner, on the other hand, knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. He knows someone’s hurt Thad, and not in the fun, spanky way he does, when he wears his leathers, and he’s determined to get to know the young professor.

Things heat up between them, but they both have secrets, and no amount of book learning can educate two men who might have outsmarted themselves.

Previously released through a different publisher.  Also currently available in the At the Office anthology.

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smutty excerpt:

Squeezing Thad’s hand in his own, he let them in and then turned to give the man the kiss he’d been needing to take since they’d crashed together two days ago. The electricity between them flared—sharp and undeniable, the sensation slamming through him.

“Fuck.” He muttered the word between their lips, then they were kissing again, his tongue pressing against Thad’s lips, wanting in, wanting to taste. Coffee and heat. That’s what Thad tasted of, felt.
Groaning, he deepened the kiss farther, pressed himself against Thad’s slender body. Thad’s tongue slid against his, tasting him. He slid his hands around Thad’s hips, encouraging more closeness.

God. Hot. Thad was a little firecracker.

“Want you.” So much he didn’t want to stop kissing.

“Yeah.” Those hands slid under his shirt, fingertips working his belly, heading to his nipples.

“Sensual. I like that.” He kept the kisses going, his own hands holding onto Thad’s ass.

Thad murmured something unintelligible into his lips, one finger circling a nipple. He made a soft noise, trying to move his nipple into that finger. Thad avoided it, though, teasing him, and he laughed, breathless and needy, against Thad’s mouth.

Thad winked, deepened the kiss the barest bit, then backed off.

“Come on in. I’m on the second floor.” He grabbed Thad’s hand again and headed up the stairs.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I’m sure it’s a great idea.” He squeezed Thad’s hand and hurried them up—he wasn’t letting Thad’s nerves send the man backing out.

He opened the door, got them both inside, and shut the door.

Grabbing both Thad’s hands in his, he walked backward down the hall. “On the right there, that’s the living room, left is the kitchen and the bathroom. My bedroom is at the end here.”

“Nice place.” Thad didn’t even look away from him.

“Thanks.” He didn’t look away, either; he could make the trip to his bedroom in the dark, walking backward was nothing. He wanted that sweater off, wanted to look, wanted to touch. “This is my bedroom.” There were curtains but they weren’t drawn, the daylight streaming in. He’d made his bed this morning—go him.

Dropping Thad’s hands, he immediately went for the bottom of that sweater.

Thad touched his wrists. “We can leave it on.”

He laughed. “No, I don’t think we can.”

He tugged it up and off, Thad’s body tight and ripped, pale as milk, but so hot.

“Fuck.” His fingers went for the sweet abs, tickling over them before making a beeline for the little pink nipples.

“I…” Thad groaned, body arching as he found them.

“Sweet. I love a man with sensitive titties.” Oh, that little shocked look at his words made his balls throb. “And yours seem very sensitive.” He flicked them.

Thad stepped back away from him, shook his head, so he wrapped a hand around Thad’s hip, tugging him back in. “This is a—”

He stopped the words with a kiss. No, it wasn’t a bad idea. His tongue slid into Thad’s mouth, searching out that coffee-flavored taste again.

His hand slipped around Thad’s waist, thumb on the soft skin, and his other hand slid back up to tickle at Thad’s right nipple. The tiny bit of skin drew up, deliciously tight, and he had to flick his finger back and forth across it.

Thad gasped into his lips, panting for him. Groaning, he repeated the move, his tongue delving in. That tiny nipple was as hard as a rock, pushing into his fingers, so he plucked at it, stroked it.

“I…” Thad groaned, hands wrapping about his waist, the kiss going deeper.

He tugged Thad with him as he backed up toward his bed. It was just a double, but that would mean plenty of reason to snuggle.

Thad’s fingers worked around to his waistband, opening his fly.

“Mmm.” He sucked in, giving Thad room to get in there and work at his jeans, and, like a pro, Thad opened him, pulled out his cock. Groaning, he pushed his hips forward, his cock sliding along Thad’s palm.

“Mmm. Horny.” Thad’s fingers wrapped around him, tugging his prick nice and steady.

He chuckled, or at least tried to—the sound was closer to a moan. “Like you’re not.”

Thad’s murmur was soft, sensual. “I never said a word, one way or the other.”

His own voice was closer to a growl, all needful and throaty. “I think you should, though. I think you should tell me how hot I make you.”

Thad shivered. “Shh.”

“Shh what?”

“Just let me touch you.”

Jay bucked up into Thad’s touch. “I’m not stopping you.”

Thad chuckled, hand moving faster, thumb brushing his slit on each upstroke.

He groaned. “Yeah, you make me hot, too. I’m on fucking fire for you.”

“Good.” Thad’s fingers were going to make him crazy.

He reached out again, tweaked Thad’s nipples, watching as the dull flush climbed up Thad’s belly. Humming, he rubbed those hard little bits of flesh beneath his thumb.

Thad’s rhythm stuttered a bit, his lips parted.

“Mmm. Yeah, that’s even better. How does it feel from your end, Thad?”

“Not bad.”

He laughed. “I’m not doing it properly if it just feels not bad.”

Thad’s chuckle made his smile wider. Bending, he took Thad’s nipple into his mouth, and Thad groaned, fingers squeezing his prick. He sucked harder, tongue flicking across the tip as that sweet nub tightened for him. Grinning, he gave it a bite.

Thad jerked, pulling away. “Easy.”

“I don’t want to take it easy on you, Thad. I want to make you fly.”

“Let’s just get you off, hmm? It’s your birthday.”

“I’m not a selfish lover.”

Thad’s cheeks went pink. “No, but this one’s for you.”

“If you can promise me you won’t duck out on me as soon as I come, I’ll go along with that.”

“Why are we talking?” Thad knelt down, took his cock into a perfect fucking heat.

“Fuck!” How was he supposed to think when Thad did that? He wasn’t a monk or a virgin, but it had been some time since he’d had a decent blow job, and Thad was more than decent at it. In fact, Thad’s mouth was pure heaven, sliding on his cock like Thad was starving and he was a banquet.

He slid his hands through the long hair, holding on as Thad sucked hard, licking and sucking at him, head bobbing. He tried to stay still, he really did. “Need to…”

His cock slipped into the squeezing pressure of Thad’s throat.

“Oh, fuck.” He wrapped his fingers in Thad’s hair and began to fuck the man’s lips, cock pushing into that tight throat again and again. Fuck. Fuck. So open. So ready for him.

He watched as his cock slid in and out, shiny with Thad’s spit. Fuck.

He shouted, pushing deep and coming down Thad’s throat.

He watched Thad swallow, saw how those lips were soft, swollen around him. “Sweet, Thad. Really amazing.”

The soft tongue stroked over his prick, cleaning it.

“Happy Birthday to me.”

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